Customer feedback templates

Get insights from your customers through customer feedback design templates. Each of these feedback templates is fully customizable, so you can edit them to suit your business's needs.

Customer expectations survey template surrounded by 3D design elements

Learn more about your customers with customer feedback design templates

Business owners can learn more about what their customers want or need with customer feedback templates. Let your customers rate your services, or use an open-ended survey format so they can share exactly what’s on their mind. You can also use multiple choice templates for a faster survey experience. All types of businesses can benefit from customer feedback! If you operate a café, you can learn which coffee flavors your customers want to see in your store. Or if you run a tutoring company, you can ask students whether their grades have improved. Customer feedback templates can be edited in Microsoft Forms, and you can customize each feedback template to suit your business’s needs. Customizing each customer feedback template is fast and easy. You also can make your feedback surveys anonymous so that customers can share their true thoughts. To give your customers a greater incentive to provide feedback, consider rewarding them with a gift certificate toward your business once they’ve completed the survey. Create the perfect customer feedback form today!