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Get more likes, saves, shares, and sales. Quickly customize a free, professionally designed Instagram template with our easy-to-use, pro-level editing tools.

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Stop their scrolling and get more likes and followers. Choose a professionally designed template then customize it with Microsoft Designer so it's unique to you.

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Contest Instagram post surrounded by 3D illustrated design elements

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Create compelling, "can't look away" stories with free effects, transitions, titles, and animations in Clipchamp.

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Instagram story surrounded by 3D illustrated design elements

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The quick way to create custom, scroll-stopping Instagram stories and posts

Create gorgeous Instagram posts and stories in just a few minutes—no graphic design experience needed. Here's how:

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1. Find the perfect template
Search for anything—type of post, image, color, size—or take a look around by browsing the catalog. Select the template that fits you best, whether it's an Instagram post, story, or video reel.
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2. Customize your creation
Use Microsoft Designer or Clipchamp (depending on the template you choose) to make your design unique. Swap out fonts, colors, design elements, animations, effects, and more to sync up with your style or brand.
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3. Share it with the world
When you're done, share right to Instagram. Even save your design at different sizes for your other social media channels so everything aligns with your message and branding.

Let's create an Instagram design

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You'll want an Instagram template that is visually striking. The design should be the correct size and have a cohesive design. You should customize its fonts and colors based on the thoughts and emotions you'd like to evoke in your followers and target audience.

There are Instagram templates that you can use to refresh your account. Find Instagram post templates, Instagram story templates, and Reels templates. The different sizes help you personalize its design for each type of post you're making. The shapes and images are placed in strategic ways so that they're appealing to the eye while emphasizing the purpose of your post.

Whether you're using Instagram for a small business, your hobby, or your personal life, frequent posting requires fresh design ideas. Using customizable Instagram design templates for posts, videos, Reels, and even ads can help you create, iterate, and post faster and more efficiently by giving you a stylish head start.