Level up your PowerPoint presentations with infographic design templates. Customize your own infographics right inside your PowerPoint decks to help take your presentations from merely telling to showing your ideas, plans, and successes.

Get your message across with infographic templates for PowerPoint

Conveying data to your audience is easier than before with these eye-catching templates. Use PowerPoint to make a presentation impact with infographics. With real-world statistics, you can use PowerPoint's tools to bring otherwise staid bar graphs, pie charts, and product roadmaps to vivid life. To keep your data organized, start with a wide array of colorful infographic elements that can illustrate sequences, relationships between people, supply chains, even pets and animals. Then, use 3D elements and graphic elements to place your data in relation to each other, conveying a message or argument that can drive change or bring attention to your products or services. These templates are easily shared via your social media channels, giving your followers food for thought. Inspire your audiences by using these custom infographic templates in PowerPoint, or create one from scratch with preexisting elements.