Seven no-face content ideas

november 15, 2023

Ever had one of those days when you really can’t face being on camera? Me too. Don’t worry though—as a business owner, I know full well how tricky it can be showing up every single day.

Today, I’m going to give you 1 weeks’ worth of no-face content ideas. You can use these ideas to create faceless YouTube content, faceless Reels, and more. It’s time for your face to have a day off!

Idea #1: Screen record

Most smartphones now have the ability to record your screen. You must have watched a tutorial before where the creator is talking you through something that is happening on their screen. It’s a super effective way of showing a process or tool you use, while also making it super easy to follow for your viewer. Do you use an app or particular software for your business? Then screen record yourself using it and slap a voiceover on top of it for some no-face content.

Idea #2: Whiteboard

Grab yourself a whiteboard. Nothing fancy, just a cheap and cheerful one from your local stationery or crafts shop. If you’re like me, you much prefer visual stuff over chunks of text.

This is your chance to bring ideas to life and show your audience a particular process that you use for your business, but in a much more aesthetically pleasing way.

If you want to really push the boat out, you could even use a variety of colored whiteboard pens, just to make your diagram or illustration more digestible and memorable. Just prop your phone up & get scribbling. You can then speed the footage up afterwards.

Idea #3: Templates

Templates are an absolute game changer when it comes to content, especially content where you don’t want to show that face of yours. In fact, I create templates every time I create a piece of content. Why? Because it saves me a load of time for future content creation sessions and it means that everything I put out to the world is super consistent.

Microsoft Create has a ton of video templates ready for you to use. Go save a load and start putting your very own creative flare on them. Then you have a load in the bank for days when you need to throw together faceless content and put it on your business’ social channels. You really don’t need to reinvent the wheel with every post.

Idea #4: Go live

But Harrison, I thought this was all about content ideas where I don’t have to show my face? That it is my friend… that it is.

The idea of going live terrifies most people. Why? Because we automatically presume something is going to go wrong and whatever that is will make us look silly. Now, there is always a chance of something going wrong, of course. That is all part of being human. However, no one really cares if you make a little mistake. Seriously, they don’t.

Let’s say you’re an artist and you want to go live, but you don’t want to show your face. That’s okay! Prop your phone up above your workspace. You could use a tripod or ring light stand. Whatever floats your boat.

Then go live and you’ll be showing your amazing audience a new piece of art you are creating. Not only are they seeing your creative process in real time, but you are also now advertising the amazing talent you have. Watch the orders start flying in! If you are seeing some comments come in during the live, you can always speak to the viewers, but the focus will be on whatever it is you are creating. Still nervous? I've put together a list of 6 easy hacks for going live on social media.

Idea #5: Your journey

It’s always great to reflect on how far you have come and the various milestones you have hit along the way. Collate a load of video clips and photos from the last year or so and put them into an album called ‘My Journey’ on your phone or laptop. Now you have a variety of assets to then stick into a 30 second reflection video. It shouldn’t take you too long to piece together, and you can even add some trending audio underneath. As consumers, we’re nosy. So, whenever I see a fellow creator or business owner post about their journey, I can’t help but consume it. Give it a go! It’s also a nice keepsake.

Idea #6: Timelapse

This has to be the easiest of the seven faceless content ideas I’ve provided you with here. Most smartphones have a timelapse feature built in, so there is actually no editing required. You may be thinking, what on earth is a timelapse?

It’s essentially a super sped- up video. An example you may have seen before is a busy city street with people whizzing around. That’s a timelapse. You can experiment with time lapses, but a classic example is filming your work day. Things like client calls, product packaging, meetings, making lunch, trips to the local coffee shop. Whatever you do in your day-to-day for your business, record it (but be careful if you’re showing any customer-specific data). Then, stitch all the clips together, speed them up considerably & save it. You’re then left with a supersonic day in the life of a business owner.

Idea #7: Interview someone

This faceless content idea is one I have been utilizing a lot recently. I have been jumping on a Zoom call with my group coaching clients & asking them individually about their experience in the program. Then, I’m left with a load of short testimonial snippets that I can use for marketing the program. It’s also a much more natural way of collecting testimonials and feedback from people.

If you have a client that has been with you for some time, get them to pop into the office or on a video call and ask them a few questions while recording. Obviously ensure that you have been granted permission first. You can also send them over a few bullet points and questions for them to answer in their own little video for you. They then send over the video, you post it on your social media channels, and boom, you have a piece of content where your face is not in it.

If these ideas have you thinking about what other content you want to create, check out this list of a month of video ideas for your small business.

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