Add function and flair with Excel templates

Whatever you use Excel for, there are customizable design templates that'll help you get started on your next project. Find templates that'll jumpstart your work the next time you need to crunch some numbers.

Planners and trackers

Stay on top of all the important details with easily customizable templates for planners and trackers. From inventories to budgets and client meetings, find a template to keep it all organized.

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Whether you're creating editorial calendars, promotional calendars for customers, or something for yourself, keep life on track with helpful and easily customizable calendar templates.

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While a schedule won't give you more hours in the day, it will keep those hours organized. Find templates for class schedules, sports teams, and more to help you stay on time.

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Branded invoice templates bring a professional touch to your billing. Use easily customizable templates to bring your personal style or business branding to your invoices.

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Financial management

From budgets to loan calculators, find templates that help take the guesswork out of accounting and money management.

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A hassle-free way to create custom, useful Excel spreadsheets

Create custom budgets, invoices, schedules, calendars, planners, trackers, and more with easily customizable Excel templates. You don't need to be an expert in design or Excel. Here's how:

1. Find the perfect Excel template
Search spreadsheets by type or topic, or take a look around by browsing the catalog. Select the template that fits you best, whether it's a planner, tracker, calendar, budget, invoice, or something else.
2. Customize your creation
Use Microsoft Excel to make your spreadsheet unique. Swap out fonts, colors, design elements, and more to sync up with your style or brand.
3. Show it off
When you're done, your Excel spreadsheet is ready to go. Share it online with people you choose, email it, or print it out.

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Frequently asked questions

A template for Excel is a pre-built spreadsheet or workbook that's already formatted, organized, and populated with formulas tailored for its purpose. If you need to organize or plan something, there's probably an Excel spreadsheet or workbook template perfect for the task. You can use pre-built Excel templates for time management, budgeting, project planning, and much more.

There's an Excel template for practically any number-related document you'll need. Planning an event with a budget? Find a budget template for your needs. Want to stay organized with your everyday tasks? Customize an Excel calendar that you can print and write on or type directly into. Does your business need to send an invoice to a customer? Use an Excel invoice template that you can add your logo and business colors to. If you need to stay organized and see a lot of information at once, using an Excel template is the way to go.

You can use Excel templates to unlock the full functionality of your spreadsheets. Excel is way more than rows and columns: You can use it to organize your personal life, your professional tasks, manage your time, boost your productivity, and more. See what you can do with Excel when you start with a customizable template.