Spread the word with a classic flyer. Find a free, customizable flyer design template to take your Word document—based promotional materials to the next level. Whether you're promoting a business, event, or something else entirely, there's a Word template design for your flyer needs.

Advertise your next event with an eye-catching flyer

Flyers are one of the oldest and most tried-and-true methods for showcasing an event. When your flyer ends up in the right hands or is seen by the right person, you can gain a new attendee for your event or a new customer. While creating an effective flyer may seem trivial, starting with a template makes it fun and easy to design one on your own. You don't have to be a graphic designer to make your own stunning flyer. Get started on your design by selecting one of the many templates available on Microsoft Create. Simply choose your favorite style, then customize it to your liking. You can find bold fonts, fun layouts, and other ways to make your flyer stand out on a bulletin board or at an activity fair. There's no right or wrong way to complete your design—with so many ways to use the tools, the possibilities are truly endless. Once you've completed your flyer, you can pass along your message by printing out your work or sending it out via email.Choosing the right template for your flyer is only just the start. Take your flyer to the next level and strengthen your skills with these helpful design tips from our experts. Find more templates for flyers and posters to help spread the word about your small business or new product.