Add it all up with these calculator templates

Whatever you need to total, these calculators make it easy to do it with style. These templates can make everything math-related into a well-designed addition to your planning. Hours worked, food costs, mortgage projections-sometimes you just need to know how much is enough.

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Subtract stress from your life with these calculator templates

If you do the math, you'll figure out that these customizable calculator templates will save you lots of time, pencils and paper, and head scratching. Figuring out costs and what you can afford can be so much simpler and stylish with these templates that keep track of various parts of the equation and come out with a clear answer at the end. Make it simple for customers to know how much you charge for your services. Tabulate interest rates, easily come to sales pricing conclusions, and add up the hours in your week with templates for time sheets. It'll be a snap to figure out how much space you can buy with your current home and business budget, and you can even modify your budget when your income changes with just a few clicks. The calculated approach has never been so effortless—or so attractive.