10 hooks to explode your video views on social media

december 15, 2023

Video is the best way to instantly humanize your brand online in today's world. Without a gripping and enticing hook at the start of your video, you run the risk of viewers scrolling past your content. Here are my top ten favorite hooks to draw them in and pay attention.

1. Here are 5 tips to get you to [X] fast

Think back to the last time you saw a fitness transformation post. Why do we love that kind of stuff? Because there's a story to it—you start at one place and find your "happy ending." Set the scene for your viewer—they're at one place and want to get to another. This will entice them to see how they get there and keep them watching.

2. Three things you never knew about [X]

"How dare you presume I don't know these three things, Harrison!" Well, whether you do know them or you don't, now you're going to keep watching to find out. This hook also gives the viewer the impression that they're about to learn something new and potentially beneficial.

3. How to achieve [X] in 5 easy steps

The word "easy" is key here. This instantly lets the viewer know that getting the result they want isn't going to be tricky at all. And, let's be honest, we're all guilty of wanting the quick and easy option!

4. Why doing [X] will kill your [Y]

No one wants to kill their business, right? By giving viewers a quick tip, trick, or hack that will help them avoid this, you're immediately stepping into a problem-solving role. You're building credibility and providing value.

5. Get straight to the topic

How many times have you started a video with, "I just wanted to pop on and…" or "Welcome to my page…"? You may have lost your viewers by doing this, but don't worry, this is the reminder you've been needing. Stop beating around the bush and just dive straight in. No waffle, no fluff, just straight up value-packaged goodness.

6. Create movement

Try to avoid looking stiff as a board when you're on camera. Loosen up and move around a bit if you're able to. Creating some sort of movement within the first three seconds of your video drastically increases the chance that your viewer will keep watching. I use two main movement methods at the start of my videos: physically jumping into the frame and using a zoom cut to crop in on key points. We scroll through over 300 feet of content every single day. If you keep standing there looking like a lamppost, you're less likely to catch your viewer's eye.

7. Five hidden secrets about [X]

Who doesn't love a secret? This is a great hook to make your viewer feel like they're about to get something super juicy or exclusive. They won't be able to resist the temptation!

8. Address a pain point

My personal favorite. If you kickstart your videos with a pain point that you know they're experiencing, you've instantly made yourself relatable. Take any big brand, for example. They don't directly advertise the fact that they have a new product out. They mention a reason why we as consumers need this product. They know it acts as a solution to a problem we're facing. Apply this same thinking to your videos. Identify the problem and then dive into solving it.

9. One tool that feels illegal to know

Using words like "illegal" or "secret" can make your video more irresistible to watch. It all comes down to FOMO—fear of missing out. It's a powerful marketing tactic that businesses and brands all over the world use. No one wants to miss out. Make sure your viewer feels the same way when clicking onto your video. Don't forget to deliver on what you said you would.

10. Peekaboo!

The element of surprise is almost always going to demand attention when implemented right. Remember those videos you used to watch as a kid when you think you're watching a nice, calm countryside setting and then a scary face suddenly pops up on screen? Although these examples aren't the most pleasant, we remember them for years to come. Why? They're disruptive. If you can incorporate some form of surprise into your video, you're way more likely to stick in your viewer's mind.

Now you've got ten hooks for you to start using right away! Remember, if you aren't engaging or enticing your viewer within the first three seconds of your video—yep, just three seconds—you've more than likely already lost them. Go give these tips a try.

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