The 7-day video challenge to get comfortable on camera

november 15, 2023

Video is the best way to instantly humanize your brand online in today's world, but it can be really scary to get in front of a camera and press record. That's where I come in—as a coach, I help people annihilate on-camera shyness and create more engaging video content.

Does the thought of standing in front of the camera make your stomach do somersaults? That's exactly what used to happen to me. I truly believe no one is born to be on camera. It's a muscle we train—it needs to be exercised. I'm about to take you through my 7-day video challenge exercise, which was one of the key things that helped me feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Here's how it works:

On day one, before you make breakfast, prop your phone up, and hit record. Then, tell the camera three things:

  1. Your plans for the day
  2. How you feel
  3. What you're going to have for dinner

When you feel yourself naturally pause or struggle to say any more, press stop. Save this clip on your phone. Don't panic—you don't have to share it on social media or show anyone. It's for your eyes only.

Repeat this process again on the second day and every day through the rest of the week. Remember: Don't force yourself to keep speaking. When you run out of stuff to say, just press stop. The idea here is to make you feel more comfortable on camera, not uncomfortable.

On day seven, re-watch all the clips. You'll likely notice that you look more comfortable as the week progresses. Pay close attention to your body language and what you're saying in each clip, as you'll likely notice you get more relaxed and confident. You can continue this exercise as many times as you want. My hope is that the more you practice, the more confident and comfortable you become.

I'm on a mission to make talking to the camera just as much of a natural routine as brushing your teeth. Some of my coaching students practice this exercise for months and really enjoy it. Some of them even share their clips on social media, showing their progress and growth.

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