Bring any character to life with our AI character generator

Describe your character’s personality, appearance, environment, and other key details, then watch your idea transform into a fully realized AI-generated character you can use however you like. Use Microsoft Designer as an AI character generator to effortlessly make an AI avatar, person, or a whole cast of AI characters you can edit and perfect.

Try out a few character generator prompts

Why use Microsoft Designer’s free AI character generator?

Designer makes creating your own characters a breeze. Just write a description of the character you want and let AI do the rest! You'll get vivid, lively character images with incredible detail.

Lightbulb illustration
It's free
Use the AI image generator as much as you like, for any project.
Gears illustration
It's fast
Quickly transform your character concepts into one-of-a-kind designs with help from generative AI.
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It's precise
With Designer, you’ll get high-quality character images that closely match your unique description.
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It's versatile
Designer’s AI character generator can create engaging characters for games, stories, animations, and more, all from your imaginative prompts.

Turn words into lifelike character designs with help from AI


Open Image Creator in Microsoft Designer and sign in with your Microsoft account if prompted.


Describe the character you'd like to create, specifying key details about their appearance, personality, setting, and role or try this prompt to get started. Then select Generate.


You can also explore sample character prompts and customize them to fit your vision.

Generate your most unique AI characters with Microsoft Designer

An illustration of a soft, pastel, watercolor character sitting in a chair with a blanket over their lap, reading a book
Define the style
Guide the AI by specifying the artistic style you're aiming for, whether it's hyper-realistic, illustrated, or anywhere in between.
An illustration of a soft, pastel, watercolor character sitting in a chair surrounded by a wall of plants and books with an orange cat
Add the details
The more specific you are with your character description, the better the AI can capture exactly what you imagine. Think about the character’s mood, defining features, attire, traits, and the overall impression you want them to convey.
A soft, pastel, watercolor character sitting in a chair surrounded by a wall of plants and books with an orange cat and a window with the moon and stars visible
Enhance your vision
If your initial output doesn’t match your vision, adjust and re-prompt. Experiment with variations in your description—altering themes, styles, or specific elements can help refine your character to perfection.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! You can generate unlimited characters for free with Microsoft Designer—you just need a Microsoft account to log in. If you don’t have one, select Create account when asked to sign in and you'll be ready to go in under two minutes (this part is also free!).

AI-generated characters have a huge range of applications, including starring in video games, animations, comics, and profile pictures across social networks. Game developers, animators, and authors may find that AI character generators are a remarkable way to visualize characters without having to commission custom designs. AI-generated characters are also great for storyboarding, concept art, and creating virtual avatars and mascots. You can even turn yourself into a character to use in messages and on social media.

First, clearly define the key features of your desired character style—proportions, features, color schemes, attire, and overall aesthetic—and incorporate those elements into your prompts. Consider creating a set of character creation guidelines to consistently steer the AI's output. When you design a character that nails the look, save the prompt you used. Likewise, take note of which prompts miss the mark and refine them. Keeping a log of successful prompts will help you generate winning characters more consistently over time.

Absolutely! Microsoft Designer includes a range of powerful editing tools that allow you to fine-tune your AI-generated characters. You can adjust colors, add or remove elements, change the background, and more. This way, you have more flexibility to perfect your character exactly as you envisioned them.

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