A month of video ideas for your small business

november 15, 2023

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the next month’s worth of video content created for your business?

You are in luck – I’ve come up with 30 ideas, just for you and your business to use next month. All you have to do is fill in the blanks to suit your type of business, then decide which video ideas you want to start creating for your small business right away.

Ready for some video ideas? Let’s dive in!

30 video marketing ideas for your small business

  1. Three reasons why X never works
  2. Tell your audience why you do what you do
  3. Talk about a funny client story, just don’t mention names or a business name
  4. One thing no one knows about you
  5. Three mistakes to avoid when running an X business
  6. Create a video timelapse of you creating your product
  7. Share an unpopular opinion within your niche
  8. Talk about a challenge that you face
  9. Film a day in the life video
  10. Five ways to save time
  11. One tool your business can’t live without
  12. Show you before you started the business vs. now
  13. Answer industry FAQs
  14. Create an office video tour
  15. Take a key point from another post
  16. One mindset shift that solved X
  17. Mention a recent personal or business win
  18. Post a video of a client testimonial
  19. Share a quote that inspires you
  20. Introduce you and your team with pets included (and are encouraged)
  21. One thing you wish you knew sooner
  22. Five second hacks everyone should know about
  23. Create a perception vs. reality video
  24. Host a live Q&A with an industry expert
  25. Summarize your favorite book
  26. Create a video that busts an industry myth
  27. Let your colleagues take over your social media for a day
  28. Post a blooper reel
  29. Sneak peek of a future project or product
  30. Host a webinar and post highlights from it

You now have a whole month’s worth of video content ideas for your business. The beauty of these is that you can come up with sub ideas as well. You can use these video ideas to promote your business on TikTok, YouTube, and more.

For example, #22 on the video ideas list was “Five second hacks everyone should know about,” and that could quite easily be turned into “Five second hacks that every service-based business should know about.” Now you have two strong pieces of video content from one idea.

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