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Online retail

Make your products more appealing and professional looking by removing the background. Product images with a clean and simple background can help draw more attention to the product and make it stand out.

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Graphic design

When designing, removing the background from a photo or image makes it easier to place it on a different background or use it in a collage or montage.

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Social media

On social media platforms, images with clean backgrounds look more visually appealing and increase engagement with your audience. And removing the background on a still image makes it easier to add it to your videos on TikTok.

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Web design

Create a cleaner and more minimalist look for your website by removing the background from images. Removing backgrounds can also help to speed up page load times, as smaller images are faster to load.

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Marketing and advertising

In marketing and advertising, get your audience to focus in on what you want them to focus on by removing distracting backgrounds from images you’re using in your designs— whether digitally or in printed material.

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Presentations and documents

Removing the background from images can be useful in presentations and documents, where you might want to use an image as a graphic element or to highlight something that’s important for your audience to focus on.

Some things you can do with image background remover

Generate professional product images

Instead of an elaborate photography setup, take a photo with your phone or any digital camera, use Microsoft Designer to remove the background, then replace it with a solid color for a clean, gorgeous image that showcases your product.

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Isolate logos and design elements

Removing the background helps you isolate and reuse logos or other design elements from a previous design, photo, or image scan, so it’s easier to create pro-looking marketing materials, business cards, or presentations.

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Create fun things with your photos

Use background remover to create a profile picture that highlights you, make cute collages of friends, and create gorgeous gifts like custom t-shirts, mugs, and more.

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Frequently asked questions

To use the background remover feature, open Microsoft Designer, select My Media, then upload your photo or image. Then, with the photo or image selected, select the Remove background button. The image background will be removed automatically, leaving you with the main image to place on whatever background you choose or use by itself with your design.

The Microsoft Designer background remover feature doesn’t work with video footage, but you can save a still image from your video, remove the background from that still image using Designer, then use the resulting image in videos you create for YouTube and TikTok. Plus, erasing the background to create a clean, crisp image is helpful for social media views.

The preview of the Microsoft Designer app is available for free. Microsoft will collect user feedback and make improvements during this period. A paid Microsoft 365 subscription may be required to continue using background remover at a later date.

Microsoft Designer is a web app (an app you use in a web browser), so you can use Designer and the background remover feature by using the browser on your iPhone or Android. Note that the preview of Microsoft Designer is free, including the background remover feature, but a paid Microsoft 365 subscription might be required to use the app and certain features at a later date.