Plan the main event with these event planning templates

It's happens all in one day, but all the days and tasks leading up to your event matter just as much as what happens when the clock strikes the hour. With these event planning templates and designs, you'll know what's supposed to happen at every moment.

Excel event planner template surrounded by 3D illustrated design elements

Help your event go off without a hitch with planning templates

Maybe you can’t plan for everything, but you can get pretty close with all these event planning templates. Make your event feel seamless for everyone in attendance, and even for those behind the scenes. From budgets to invitations, posters to menus, videos to calendars, you’ll be able to put on the event you want without a lot of headaches from the planning process. Whether you’re planning an open house, fundraiser or simply an easygoing BBQ, it’s the planning that separates the good from the great and helps you avoid disaster. Make your event an event to remember—and never let them see you sweat. These templates will be your righthand plan to make your celebration every bit as smooth and special as you were hoping the day you first sat down to put your event ideas to paper. Don’t get started without giving these event planning templates a look.