Three video ideas for service-based businesses

november 15, 2023

Are you a service-based business owner? Me too! It can be quite tricky to show off our amazing service or services online. But don’t panic, I’ve come up with three engaging video content ideas just for you and your service-based business to make you stand out on people’s social media feeds.

Take people behind the scenes

This video marketing idea for service-based businesses one is massively underrated and often brushed under the carpet. Why?

Because just like you and I, many service-based providers feel that our day-to-day activities are not that exciting, or of interest to the rest of the world. Why would anyone want to see a video of me watering my office plant every morning?

Well, the short answer is, they probably wouldn’t want to see that EVERY morning. But what if my office plant had a name? Or maybe it has had a bit of a troubled life and was malnourished? Suddenly, you have your audience emotionally invested in this office plant and tuning in every morning to see how it is recovering.

Sounds crazy, right?

But this is the true power of behind- the- scenes content, more specifically, storytelling. I run a video coaching business, helping content creators get more comfortable in front of the camera, understand the importance of video content, and more. My audience online knows that already. It’s in my bio and website, and it’s something I speak about in my content. What they don’t know is what goes on behind the scenes as an owner of a video coaching consultant. By giving them a cheeky exclusive into how I structure my day or who I am meeting with, they feel much more closely connected with me.

In fact, I have hopped on calls before with people from my community and they have openly said that they feel no need to have an introduction, as they feel they already know me. This is mostly due to the raw, authentic, and uncut content that I provide them with.

It’s also worth mentioning that getting your team involved in your video marketing is also a great way of humanizing your business. Why not do a “meet the team” focus for a piece of content?

Let your customers speak for you

A lot of my recent social media content has been focused around testimonials from my amazing clients. Without a physical product in front of you, it can sometimes be quite tricky to demonstrate exactly why your viewer needs your service. What I have done with my group coaching clients is book a fifteen-minute call with them individually.

Before the call, I’ve sent them between three and five questions that act as prompts. The purpose of these short calls is to record their review of the program, while also sharing the wins they have had during their time in the program.

Not only does this act as fantastic marketing material to get prospective clients into the program, but it also gives you a nice archive of content that can be recycled every few months.

Go jump on a Zoom call with your clients, or send them out a few prompts where they can then send you their own video testimonial if they’d prefer to do it that way.

Create a video series

Think of it like your favorite drama series on TV. Each episode is carefully created to ensure that you come back for the next one. It’s no different when it comes to posts on social media for your service-based business. What’ is going to make people come back for more?

Is it a catchy title? Maybe it’s an outfit you wear for the series?

Whatever content ideas you have for your service-based business, I want you to ensure you have a clear, unique selling point before creating a series. You need to have a reason to be creating a series in the first place and that reason should be heavily focused around the needs and expectations of your audience.

There are many benefits to posting a video series, but the main two are these:

  1. You’re instantly increasing the chance of your audience coming back for more.
  2. You’re also making a potentially complex message a lot easier to digest by splitting it into bite-sized episodes.

Implement these three content ideas into your service-based business and watch the magic happen.

Pro tip:

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