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Elevate your marketing with 3 types of promo videos

may 3, 2024

If you’re looking for ideas to level up your brand’s social media presence, consider adding promo videos to your content calendar.

In this post, we'll explore three easy-to-make promo video types that can achieve different goals for your business—from brand awareness to sales. We’ve also curated a few editable video templates from Microsoft Clipchamp so you can turn this inspiration into a stunning promo video in minutes.

3 social media promo video templates to try

1. Sales promo videos

Create a buzz about your upcoming sale with a dynamic sales promo video.

This video template has stylish text and bold colors that can be quickly customized to your business. Simply update the animated text to share important details like eligible products, shop/website address and share directly on Instagram and TikTok when you’re ready.

Customize this sales promo video template on Clipchamp

Pro tip

Ensure your videos are always on-brand by uploading your logo and brand font to your brand kit in Clipchamp.

2. Corporate promo videos

Increase awareness of your business offerings with a corporate promo video.

Use this professional video template to share your elevator pitch and turn views into bookings. Swap the stock media to represent your industry and emphasize the extra value you provide by customizing the animated text.

Publish this corporate video on your website and social media to compel your potential clients to try your business.

Pro tip

Include your website address or store details in your video’s call-to-action and layer in some animated stickers to make it stand out.

3. Holiday promo videos

Boost your visibility and sales with a timely seasonal promo video by tapping into the excitement of holiday marketing moments like back-to-school season or the winter holidays.

Inspire social media users looking for new products and gift ideas by using this slideshow video template. You can update it with your holiday product footage or behind-the-scenes clips to increase viewer interest on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Pro tip

Use background music that matches the holiday theme to enhance your video. Here’s how to find the perfect soundtrack in Clipchamp.

Turn your viewers into customers by adding promo videos to your content calendar.

New to Clipchamp? Read this helpful guide to start your video editing journey. If you’re ready to edit, head directly to Microsoft Clipchamp and start creating today.

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