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How to enhance everyday videos in Clipchamp

march 11, 2024

Do you want to turn your video footage into polished videos that are ready to share? Using a simple tool like Microsoft Clipchamp, you can fine-tune and customize the look of your video clips to tell your story, your way.

Whether it’s correcting the look of overcast skies in your hiking videos or resizing your birthday party footage to fit social media feeds, achieve simple video editing fixes with just a few clicks.

Pro tip

Did you know? Clipchamp is integrated with your favorite Microsoft devices and everyday apps like OneDrive, Photos and Windows Media Player, so that you can import your videos and start editing in minutes.

In this post, we’ll explore three simple and effective ways to enhance your video footage using Clipchamp.

Enhance video colors

Say goodbye to shadows or uneven lighting and bring out brilliant colors in your videos with our color correction tool. Color correction can help reveal the hidden beauty in your video clips and help set the mood of your video.

You can find the adjust colors tool in the property panel. Drag the sliders to modify the color values of video clips and photos in your video editing timeline, including the exposure, contrast and temperature.

Don’t forget to match colors from scene to scene so your video flows smoothly with a consistent aesthetic.

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Pro tip

Pressed for time? Select multiple video clips and add a video filter instead. Learn more.

Add video transitions

Improve your video’s flow by connecting your clips with transitions. Transitions can merge and smooth out your video's rough edges and seamlessly connect your everyday photos and video clips.

You can also use transitions to guide the pace of your video. For example, the spin transition would add a dynamic and fast-paced feel to your video, while a cross-fade transition would create a slow and dreamy effect.

Find our range of transitions in the toolbar. When you find a transition you like, drag and drop it between two clips on the timeline.

A screenshot of Clipchamp's interface where you can apply transitions

Pro tip

Want to understand which transitions suit your storytelling needs? Explore this guide.

Adjust video size

Have you recorded your footage in landscape mode but want to create a video for social media? Ensure that your content looks great no matter where it's being viewed with our video resizer.

Social media platforms have different video size recommendations. Instagram and Facebook Reels require portrait or 9:16 aspect ratio, while YouTube prefers widescreen or 16:9 video aspect ratio.

In Clipchamp, we’ve created aspect ratio presets so you can change your video size in a click. Create a seamless viewing experience for your audience as they scroll through their video feed.

A screenshot of Climpchamp's interface where you can adjust the video size

Pro tip

Use the auto-fit shortcuts to adjust your video to your new ratio. Learn more.

Try these tips to turn everyday videos into aesthetic videos you’re ready to share on social media. Learn more about video editing in Clipchamp in this helpful guide.

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