Create a cute digital notebook with Microsoft Designer and Sticker Creator

may 13, 2024

Hi all! My name is Monica, and today I’m going to show you how to create a fun digital notebook using stickers from Microsoft Designer’s Sticker Creator.

If you’re a teacher, I highly recommend facilitating this fun and rewarding activity for your students! You can also make a digital notebook for a family member, for yourself, or for any other reason.

Let's walk through a step-by-step process for creating your own adorable stickers and personalizing a one-of-a-kind digital notebook.

Step 1: Write your prompt or use a template

From the Microsoft Designer home page, select the Sticker Creator.

Inside Sticker Creator, you’ll see a variety of sticker ideas to inspire you. Select any one of those, and Sticker Creator will show you the prompt template that inspired the sticker. You can adjust these templates to fit your needs—just tweak the prompts and let Sticker Creator work its magic.

A screenshot of one of the prompt templates in Sticker Creator

You are also welcome to start from scratch with your own prompt! In that case, you might still want to note any stickers you like and study the prompts that inspired them. Borrow any themes, styles, or details that strike you.

When you’re ready, type your prompt directly into the box on Sticker Creator’s home page.

A screenshot of a prompt box with the prompt "A cute cartoon avocado reading a book"

Step 2: Customize your stickers

If you’re using a prompt template, modify it to make the stickers truly your own.

If you’re writing your prompt from scratch, experiment with various details until you have a sticker you love.

After you write a prompt, Sticker Creator will show you four sticker options that fit your prompt. Select the sticker you like best and Download it. If you want to start working with the sticker right away, select Edit or Create design.

You can also navigate to My Media at any time to access and use your sticker—Designer automatically saves them as they're created.

A screenshot of the selected sticker with some options (download, edit, or create design)

Create as many stickers as you want. I like the avocado theme from my first sticker, so I’ll modify my prompt and replace the book with other items and activities.

A cute cartoon avocado playing basketball

Step 3: Start a new project and set up your document

Once you’ve created your stickers, return to Designer’s home screen and select Design Creator.

On the next screen, scroll to the bottom and select Skip and start with a blank design.

A screenshot locating the "Skip and start with a blank design" button

Designer will offer a few size options. Select any of those; we’ll be adjusting the size momentarily.

A few automatic size options in Designer. Select any of these and use Resize to see more size options

Now, click on your canvas so the toolbox appears. Select Resize.

When the options appear, select Show all, then scroll down and select US letter portrait or US letter landscape. This ensures your project is printable on standard 8x11-inch paper.

A screenshot of image size options with "US letter portrait" and "US letter canvas" highlighted

Step 4: Create and enhance your notebook

First, we’ll create the notebook by searching for a relevant graphic.

A screenshot of graphics that appear when you search for "notebook"

We’re looking for a simple and straightforward outline, so these options are perfect. Select the notebook you like and drag it onto your canvas. If needed, rotate the image. Then adjust its size so it fills your canvas.

You have the option of selecting Set as background so the notebook no longer moves or adjusts as you start arranging the other elements. I find this helpful.

The notebook graphic we've selected

Add text by selecting Text.

Color and customize the text to make it your own. If you want to add other shapes or elements to your notebook, you can do this now, too.

The notebook now says "My Life" in attractive green font on a transparent green rectangle

Now the fun begins! Navigate to My media and you’ll find all your stickers. Drag and drop them onto your notebook, resizing and placing them wherever you like.

You can also apply filters, adjusting brightness and contrast so your stickers blend perfectly with your notebook’s design.

The finished notebook, which features a number of avocados doing various activities like hiking, reading, drinking coffee, and hanging out with a friend

Step 5: Add the finishing touches and download your notebook

After placing all the stickers, you can add pages or duplicate existing ones to provide space for students to write directly on the digital notebook. This makes the activity interactive and engaging.

When you’re ready, Download your notebook as a pdf for easy printing.

Make learning fun with Microsoft Designer and Sticker Creator

These stickers are not just fun; they're also a great educational tool. For example, at the beginning of the school year, teachers can use this as a "get to know you" activity. This not only fosters creativity but also helps build a sense of community in the classroom.

Microsoft Designer's Sticker Creator is an excellent tool for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their digital documents. And for teachers seeking interactive and creative classroom activities, it's pure gold. Students can create stickers that represent important aspects of their lives, decorate their own digital notebook, and even write about what each sticker represents. Your kiddos will love dreaming up their own personal stickers and sharing their creations with the class.

Head over to to start creating your unique sticker collection today!

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