An apple sticker that says "Made to Teach" on a purple gradient background

4 ways to use stickers in the classroom

march 21, 2024

If you're looking for a fun and creative way to spice up your online or in-person classes, presentations, chats, and other classroom activities, give Sticker Creator in Microsoft Designer a try! Sticker Creator lets you create stickers with the help of generative AI.

You can use the stickers in various Microsoft applications, such as PowerPoint, Teams, OneNote and Outlook. Or print them onto sticker paper and use them for grading, gifts, decoration, and more! Whether you’re looking to praise your students, motivate your colleagues, or simply decorate your space, stickers can help you do that in a more personal and playful way.

In this post, we'll show you some prompting basics for Sticker Creator and walk through four ways to make your lessons more vibrant and fun using stickers. Let's get started!

Prompting basics for Sticker Creator

First, navigate to the Microsoft Designer site. Once on the homepage, scroll down until you spot the Sticker Creator option and click on it. This will take you to the sticker creation platform.

Here, you will write a detailed prompt that serves as the blueprint for your desired sticker. Think of the prompt as your opportunity to communicate your ideas directly to the sticker generator.

Creating the perfect sticker begins with knowing what to prompt! While it's important to be descriptive and clear in your prompts, it's also crucial to maintain simplicity. Confusing or overly complicated prompts can lead to unexpected results. Try to strike a balance between detail and simplicity for the best outcomes.

In your sticker prompts, consider including specific elements such as color preferences, taglines, or significant objects. For example, if you're a teacher creating stickers for your classroom, you might ask for a sticker featuring an apple, a common symbol of education. Or you could ask for a sticker featuring elements of your school's mascot and colors.

Using Sticker Creator in the classroom

Creating a sticker starter pack with Sticker Creator is a fun, creative process for teachers to personalize, motivate, and engage their students.

Let’s explore four ways to use stickers in the classroom.

Personalize yourself

Make classroom activities fun by personalizing your sticker pack with characters that express quirky emotions.

A smiling teacher sticker

⭐Prompt:A happy female teacher with brown hair, green eyes and black glasses, wearing a white shirt and blue jacket, holding a coffee mug with "Mrs. Kay" on the side.

Give kudos

Giving kudos to students is a powerful way to acknowledge their hard work and boost their self-esteem. With Sticker Creator, you can easily design personalized stickers that celebrate student achievements and progress. These stickers can be a fun and visual way to give positive feedback and reinforce positive behavior in the classroom.

A vibrant sticker that says "Star student"

⭐Prompt:A badge with an excited student learning in a classroom setting. "Star Student" in gold font.

A colorful trophy sticker

⭐Prompt: A badge with a gold trophy and multi-colored confetti. "Great work" written at the bottom.

Decorate your space

With Sticker Creator, you can design custom stickers to decorate your classroom. Create stickers related to the lessons, motivational quotes, or even your students' favorite characters, making the learning experience more enjoyable and personalized.

An apple sticker that says "Ms. Reesa"

⭐Prompt:A red shiny apple with “Ms. Reesa" in white font.

A cute unicorn mug sticker

⭐Prompt:A white coffee mug with a multi-colored unicorn. "Need coffee" written in bubble letters on the side of the mug.

Grade in style

With Sticker Creator, teachers can design unique and creative stickers that reflect their grading style. For example, create a shiny "A+" sticker to use on A+ assignments! This not only makes grading more enjoyable but also gives students clear and visually appealing feedback.

A "100%" sticker with a woman clapping her hands

⭐Prompt: A happy woman with short black hair wearing a blue sweater, clapping her hands. “100%” written in bubble letters next to her hands.


Sticker Creator is a fun and versatile tool that can help you make teaching and learning more fun, engaging, and effective. Unleash your creativity with this tool and try Sticker Creator today!

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