Unsuccessful marketing: One of the reasons new businesses fail

november 15, 2023

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), 20% of small business startups fail in the first year. That's pretty alarming, right? And here's one of the reasons for that new-business failure: unsuccessful marketing.

Now, you're probably saying, "Marketing? Of all things?" Proper presentation will always matter. A lack of visual identity is one of the killers for small businesses and here's why. One of the first tests that any business or brand will experience is a test of the eyes. This so-called eye test is simply where your potential customers or clients decide based upon your presentation: if you're valuable, if you're worth it, or if you're worth your money. That eye test can happen in many ways. It can come by way of your website, your social media platforms, or even the proper presentation of the business owner.

Before somebody reads a review or does any formal research, they decide whether you are worth their time, money, and energy. In essence, the cleaner the presentation of your brand, especially in your marketing materials, the easier it is for you to communicate that your brand or business is trustworthy, professional, and—most importantly—that you're intentional about what put in front of the world.

Think about it.

The look, as I call it, is often the first decision point that all of us make on anything every single day. Whether it's a car on the lot, a shirt in the mall, food at a restaurant. When we look at something, we ask ourselves, "Hey, am I going to buy this? Do I need this? Do I want this? Do I trust this?" Ask yourself, "Does the brand look the part?"

Here are a few things I want you to consider in this revitalization or this evaluation process.

Colors communicateIs it possible that the colors of your branding are not communicating or connecting with your potential customers or clients? Learn how to use color to your advantage in Fundamentals of color: What is color theory?
Make a clear offeringPeople don't need to be confused about your greatness, brilliance and most importantly, what you are supplying for them. See what it takes to create ads that perform in Tips for designing attention-getting ads.
Make your materials visually appealingOne of the questions I have people ask themselves all the time is that if it was not my work or business or my product, would I be attracted to this? The professionally designed, beautiful templates from Microsoft Create are a great starting point for any design.

As you lay the foundation for your brand, I want you to keep these things in mind. You have one chance to make a first impression, and your greatness needs to be experienced by the masses.

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