Healthcare-themed design templates

Find customizable design templates for all your healthcare-themed projects. From celebrating healthcare workers to promoting personal healthcare products and services, there's a template for almost every design need.

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Create healthcare presentations, promote healthcare initiatives, and more

Customize professional healthcare templates easily using PowerPoint, Excel, Designer, and Word. Each template is fully customizable and allows you to change the text, images, and fonts, or even add videos or animations. You can share and publish your template anywhere. Discover presentation templates that can help you educate your patients on an illness or disease. There are also presentation templates available that can be used as a pitch deck to pitch a business in healthcare. Even if you aren't a healthcare worker, you can take advantage of free health record templates that you can use to keep your family's health information and medical records organized. Or discover templates such as fitness plans, mood trackers, or calorie trackers to stay on top of your health. If you run social media for a medical practice or healthcare organization, there are dozens of social media templates available. Spread awareness using templates created for World Aids Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or any other health observances. Each of these templates can be formatted for Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.