Dessert templates

Whether you're a professional baker or simply a sweets enthusiast, find the perfect customizable dessert template today.

a photo of a raspberry tart with powdered sugar on top

Share something sweet with a dessert template

If you enjoy baking as a hobby, or if it’s part of your business, find the perfect dessert template to show off your baking skills. Use these fun templates to share dessert content on social media, or create dessert flyers, menus, or posters using templates. If you’re editing a dessert menu template, don’t forget to include any allergens like nuts that may be in your desserts. You can also use these templates to celebrate dessert-related holidays, like National Donut Day, National Dessert Day, National Cake Day, World Chocolate Day, and more. Or you can use these dessert templates to share upcoming events at your restaurant or bakery. These professionally designed dessert templates will catch your audience’s eye. Each dessert template is easily customizable. You can change the text, font, images, and more. If you use your own images, make sure to use high-quality photos for a professional look. Edit each template in Designer, Word, PowerPoint, and more.