Show your affection with love-themed design templates

Sometimes it's hard to say "I love you," but these templates offer a backdrop to let your deepest feelings unfold. Tailor beautiful designs to celebrate the vast landscape of your love, be it for that special someone, a cherished passion, or the simple joys that fill your life.

A coral-colored card that says "LOVE" surrounded by 3D elements

Love is in the air with these love-themed templates

Love may not follow a template, but you can certainly design with one to perfectly capture and express your love. Whether it's to charm your Valentine with a design as unique as your affection, or to celebrate the joys of your hobbies, these templates are a canvas for your personal touch. For those heartfelt moments with your beloved pets, share the warmth they bring into your life with the perfect social media tribute. If your relationship is headed for the long term, find the perfect way to plan your engagement party or even your wedding with templates galore. Whatever shape your love takes, let it speak through designs that tell your story, your way.