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Express yourself through hobbies and interests

Share more of the real you with templates built to showcase your hobbies, interests, aspirations, and more.


Templates created with the wandering soul in mind. Find whimsical and inspired designs that highlight your adventures.

Explore travel templates
Travel template surrounded by 3D illustrated design elements

Fashion and beauty

Whether you're running a boutique, sharing today's outfit inspo, or posting your skincare routine, we've got templates to match your creative spirit.

Explore fashion & beauty templates
Fashion boutique template surrounded by 3D illustrated design elements

Floral and garden

Find floral and garden templates inspired by the wonders that grow all around us—from stunning photography to whimsical watercolors.

Explore floral & garden templates
Florist giveaway post template surrounded by 3D illustrated design elements

Music and theater

Promote your show or get your friends together for an evening at the theater, a concert, or even a home movie night.

Explore music & theater templates
Music social post template surrounded by 3D illustrated design elements

Home and lifestyle

Show off your renovation, organization, interior design, cooking skills, and more. Easily share home & lifestyle content with templates for social media posts, stories, and videos.

Explore home & lifestyle templates
Home improvement template surrounded by 3D illustrated design elements

Fitness and outdoors

Share your passion for wellness, sports, and nature with inspirational templates for social media posts, stories, videos, and more.

Explore fitness & outdoors templates
Body movement template surrounded by 3D illustrated design elements

A quick way to create custom, vibrant designs for your passion projects

Create beautiful posts, flyers, presentations, cards, and more in just a few minutes. You don't need any graphic design experience. Here's how the magic happens:

Find the perfect template

Search for anything—style, topic, image, or color—or look around the catalog for inspiration. You'll find professionally designed templates for whatever you need to create.

Image of various 3D stacked browser windows with organic elements

Customize your creation

Swap out design, text, and video elements to match your style or brand. With powerful and intuitive editing tools including Microsoft Designer, Clipchamp, and Microsoft 365, there's no experience required.

Image of 3D browser windows and design tools

Share it with the world

When you're done, share directly with your followers or audience in just a few clicks. Even use your design to quickly create content for any other use, so you can reach your fans wherever they are.

Image of 3D elements and stacked web pages

Frequently asked questions

Of course! Templates are the perfect place to start when you want to show the world what you're up to but aren't quite sure how to do it. Social mavens will love social templates, while fans of print and presentations can stick with classic Word templates and PowerPoint templates.

You can search for templates based on interests and hobbies. These specialized templates include media that incorporates the specific topic, like fashion, gardening, travel, and more. When you share the customized template, users who see the designs and images will be intrigued based on what their personal interests are.

You can use editable, pre-built templates for a variety of interests and hobbies. If you're into fashion and beauty, there are templates for that. Maybe you're a lover of flowers and all things garden-related? There are templates for those interests too. No matter if you're into traveling the world or exploring your own backyard, there's a template you can customize and share with others who enjoy the same things you do.