How to defeat negative comparison as a business owner

november 15, 2023

Running a business is probably one of the most complex initiatives there is. During the startup stage, business owners often wear multiple hats simultaneously. It is super easy for what once inspired you to become a source of frustration. That's where comparison comes in. When comparison comes in and stays unchecked, it can lead you down a slippery slope that affects absolutely everything—your productivity, your creativity, your confidence, and even your morale. Comparison can be extremely tricky because it can be positive or negative.

#1: Understand the difference between healthy and negative comparison

  • Healthy comparison: Healthy comparison, or positive comparison, will be something that promotes you to grow and to change for the better. That can include self-assessment, learning new information, and updating your systems and processes. All of that's going to be focused on growth.
  • Negative comparison: Negative comparison, or unhealthy comparison, will leave you feeling unworthy and put you in a place of self-defeat, not being productive or confident in what you do.

#2: Practice positive affirmations about your business

One of the things we can never forget is that our words can shape our reality, our day, and our mood. Your words matter. Here are some of the positive affirmations that I frequently use to shape thoughts about my business:

  • I am in the right season at the right time.
  • My business is growing and is healthy.
  • I have what it takes to service my clientele for them to be at their absolute best.
  • Money is coming to me every single day.

Utilizing your words as weapons for the current seasons or circumstances that you'll face as a business owner will give you the space and the courage to remain confident, no matter what's in front of you.

#3: Remove negative comparison triggers

Often, what is triggering you is right in front of your face. If you move it out of your face, it's a little bit easier to not be as triggered. That could mean something as simple as taking a social media break. Often, we follow our favorite content creators, influencers, mentors, coaches—and that can be a sore spot when we are in a transitional place or space, or in a season of building.

Stay encouraged and remember this: Comparison is normal and happens to all of us. However, we must make the decision to not let comparison become our kryptonite. Feel free to use these tips as much as you need to ensure your business is filled with positivity.

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