Tracking monthly expenses in Excel

november 15, 2023

If budgeting and expenses stress you out – I got you! There are tons of monthly expense Excel templates and other Excel templates available on Microsoft Create. Choose one that catches your eye, I really liked this monthly family budget template to start with. It not only tracks my monthly expenses and income, but it also creates a fun Cash Flow chart so we can easily see the cash coming in and the cash going out.

Here are a few ways I’d suggest customizing this spreadsheet to make tracking your money even easier.

Add rows for income streams

On the Monthly Income tab, I like to add in additional rows of income streams by clicking on a row label and then using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Plus (on a PC) or Option + Shift + Return (on a Mac). That way we can keep our income streams organized in the Excel expense tracker.

Use a chart to make expenses easier to track

On the Monthly Expenses tab, I also like to see a breakdown of my expenses in chart form. To do this, I highlight the monthly expenses list plus the actual list, select Insert, then select a chart option to find a nice way to visualize my data. I’ll pick a bar chart to use here. I also like to sort using the "Actual" column to rearrange my chart, and then switch up the title too.

I hope you found these Excel expense tracking tips helpful. You can check out more free expense tracker templates on Microsoft Create.

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