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Your guide to LinkedIn sizes

september 7, 2023

LinkedIn is an ideal platform for building your personal and professional network. Whether you're searching for a new gig or hoping to hire the perfect candidate, your profile's look can speak volumes—shouldn't it look its best?

Personal LinkedIn page images

Your personal LinkedIn page may be viewed by prospective employers, coworkers, collaborators, and people you might hire. While other forms of social media encourage a sort of freeform creativity, LinkedIn is known for helping people make a good virtual first impression. Your personal page is where you show off your educational and professional accomplishments, share your interests, and share posts that you find particularly important or highlight your own thought process.

Unlike a business page, LinkedIn users only have a few opportunities to share images that can lend a bit of individuality their profiles:

Profile image

The optimal size for your profile picture is 400 × 400 pixels and should be a clear image of you. Many people will choose to share a professional-looking headshot. If you're handy with a camera, you might even take your own self-portrait.

LinkedIn personal page with highlight around the profile image.

Background image

LinkedIn allows users to choose from a set of stock background images or to upload their own to show off their personality and interests. The dimensions of this image are 1584 × 96 pixels and the aspect ratio is 4:1. It's important to note that this image is cropped different on mobile and desktop to make sure you view it in both mediums before you finalize the image.

Need some inspiration? Our beautiful LinkedIn design templates can help you set a standout first impression.

LinkedIn personal page highlighting the background image.

Images for posts

Individuals can share others' posts or create their own. Posts with images tend to be seen by more people, and the recommended size for these images is 1200 × 627 pixels.

It takes just a few minutes to create a great-looking LinkedIn post using Microsoft Create –no design experience required. Start by selecting a professionally designed post template and then customize it with your own images and text. Create a LinkedIn post image.

LinkedIn company page images

LinkedIn Business pages are used by international brands and companies, small businesses, and independent creators. These pages are used to share content about a company's goals, mission, job opportunities, and community efforts. A job seeker might spend some time on a business's LinkedIn page in order to learn more about the company before applying to a position.

One way for companies, businesses, and creators to tell the world what they're all about, is through visuals. A LinkedIn Business page offers a few opportunities for sharing images, and businesses who consistently pair their posts and updates with images have seen an increase in comments and sharing of the post within the platform. And while images in posts are a great idea, there are other visuals for a Business profile that require a little more attention.

Business profile image

This is the profile picture for your business page. You might choose to use your company's logo, but if you're an independent creator, feel free to use an image of yourself. 300 × 300 pixels is the recommended size for a company logo.

LinkedIn business page with highlight around the profile image.

Business logo

This is typically a pared down version of the image you're using as the logo for your business page. The dimensions are 60 × 60 pixels, and this image typically accompanies job postings and indicates who is posting or commenting.

LinkedIn business page with highlight around the logo image.

Cover image

This image appears behind the logo at the top of a business or independent creator's page. It's smaller than an individual's background image, with dimensions of 1128 × 191 pixels and should be an image that is emblematic of the business or creator or plays into the logo image.

Life tab images

LinkedIn company pages typically have multiple tabs to help organize information. Some examples might include pages for posts, job openings, and videos. A common tab for business pages is the Life tab, which helps a business share their values and mission with potential employees and collaborators. A number of images are often shared within this tab, all with their own particular dimensions:

  • Hero image: This picture is a long rectangular image that helps to define a page where users will find aspects of the company's culture that are meant to resonate with a specific target audience. The dimensions of this image are 1128 × 376 pixels.
  • Company photos: Businesses will share images of their workspaces, employees, and amenities in the Life tab. The ideal dimensions of these images should be 900 × 600 pixels, with a minimum resolution of 264 × 176 pixels.
  • Custom modules: These modules allow you to spotlight information about your company, work produced, or any other information that you think it'd be relevant to share on a LinkedIn Business profile. You can add images to these modules, provided they fit the image requirements of being 502 × 282 pixels.

Even though LinkedIn is a social media site and app, it has a much more professional tone. Images are generally clean and crisp and organized. Depending on your goals, there may be some flexibility regarding content and images, but clean and professional is always a good idea.

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