An illustration of a lightbulb with pink and red 3D hearts inside

4 last-minute Valentine's Day ideas using Microsoft Designer

february 9, 2024

If you waited until the last minute to prepare something special for your loved ones for Valentine's Day this year, don’t worry! We have four perfect last-minute Valentine's Day ideas you can create yourself using Microsoft Designer and Word. And if you’re going into the holiday solo, use these fun, quirky ideas to show love to your friends, pets...and most importantly, yourself!

Create a 3D avatar of you and your snuggle buddy

A cute cartoon cut-out of a man and woman with a puppy between them

Digitalize your relationship with a custom 3D avatar. Using Microsoft Designer’s Image Creator, type in your desired prompt or edit the one we used to create the image below.

Prompt:3d avatar of a [brunette woman and black-haired man] snuggled together with a heart that says happy Valentine's Day. The [woman and man] are illustrated in cartoon style.

Stuck on your Valentine? Create a sticker just for them!

A cat sticker that says "Purrfect"

Create a heartfelt sticker for your valentine(s) using Microsoft Designer's Sticker Creator. From Microsoft Designer's home page, select the Sticker Creator and write a detailed prompt to create the custom sticker of your choice. If you need help brainstorming a prompt, customize the options below:

Grab some sticker paper from your local label store to print out your newly created illustrations. Gift the one-of-a-kind stickers to your valentine to use on all their favorite things.

Send a sweet illustration of a special moment

An artistic illustration of a couple

Capture a moment in time with a digital illustration using Designer's Image Creator.

Try this prompt:Line art sketch of a bride and groom with two organic shapes in the background, cream and caramel color palette, soft colors. "Forever" in script font.

Save this image and add it to an already designed card template or send it digitally through your phone with the Send to Phone option (Download > Send to Phone).

Send a digital card

A picture of the Sweet and Greet Valentine's Day card

Send a digital card to your sweetheart using Microsoft Designer templates. Send it through text message or better yet, showcase your love for them online! With different size formatting options, you can post on Facebook, X/Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn without making any additional dimension changes. Check out some of our favorite love themed templates below that are fully customizable:

Looking for even more Valentine's Day-themed templates? These 20 swoon-worthy design options are sure to satisfy all the objects of your affection.

Create multiple V-Day cards for the classroom

Designer isn’t the only app where you can craft fun V-Day creations. Using Microsoft PowerPoint, you can create an impromptu party for your kids with this printable template. It includes kid’s Valentine cards, a banner, a flyer, and treat toppers. It’s a party in a template and so easy to use. Add your details, make changes if you’d like, and you’re done.

Is your little one having a party at school and reminded you the night before? Don’t fret, because these Microsoft Word templates allow you to print out multiple cards at once. These designs are perfect for school or an event in the office:

  • Children's Valentine's Day cards: Make Valentine’s Day cards with your children right from your printer. Perfect for kids and adults, these fun Valentine cards print four per page and feature three adorable designs.
  • Valentine cards: This printable Valentine's card template makes two cards per page. Decorated with pink and white hearts background, this Valentine's Day card has room to write a personalized message inside.

There are so many ways you can celebrate Valentines Day with Microsoft. Check out more creative ways to use Microsoft Create tools from our experts in Learn & Grow today!

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