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20 free Valentine’s Day templates for every relationship in your life

january 31, 2024

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! And no matter your relationship status—happily coupled, proudly single, or anywhere in between—there's a place for everyone on this fun and lighthearted holiday. Despite its reputation for romance and rosé, Valentine's Day is really a celebration of love and connections of all kinds.

In keeping with this spirit, we’ve rounded up 20 free design templates for every kind of Valentine: BFFs, romantic partners, colleagues, kiddos, and social media fans. Customize each design with ease, then share your creation digitally or treat the object of your affection to a printed, hand-delivered Valentine. Get ready to make everyone's day a little sweeter!

Valentines for romantic partners

Yes, Valentine’s Day is about more than just romance, but why not start with the traditional heart of the holiday? Whether you're finally fessing up to your crush or celebrating your long-term sweetheart, these templates will help you express your deepest affections to the person who makes your heart sing.

1. Thank you for keeping the love blooming template (Microsoft Designer)

Awash in dusty shades of pink and green with a cheerful pop of yellow, this design is the perfect valentine for long-term sweethearts. The design's vintage-botanical aesthetic and minimalist message make a charming backdrop for lasting love.

2. All the hearts template (Microsoft Designer)

An excellent choice for fans of whimsy, this template uses carefree fonts and graphics to invoke a fun handmade feel. The design's playfully affectionate message makes it especially great for people in early-stage relationships who haven’t yet broached the L-word, but want to celebrate their deepening bond.

3. Take heart template (Microsoft Designer)

If elaborate designs or overly ornate messages aren't your thing, make this your new go-to template. Featuring fresh colors and eye-friendly fonts, this contemporary design puts a bold focus on the most essential message: I love you (or I 🩷you, to be precise). And while we adore the design's current color scheme, it's also easy to customize with your loved one’s favorite hues.

4. Poppy love template (Microsoft Designer)

With its striking black background and bold red poppies, this modern template exudes sophistication. The design’s natural elegance makes its heartfelt message, “I adore you,” feel slightly vulnerable in all the right ways. It’s an excellent choice for declaring your love.

Valentines for friends

Celebrate the bond of friendship with these sweet, lighthearted templates. These designs are the perfect way to show your pals some love without introducing romantic undertones (and those dreaded mixed signals).

5. Heart of the matter template (Microsoft Designer)

This lively periwinkle template features a modern-simple design with a fun painted heart and pitch-perfect font pairings. And the design’s wonderfully casual message, “Love you,” helps this valentine strike the ideal balance between heartfelt and friendship-appropriate.

6. Sew sweet template (Microsoft Designer)

Your crafty friends will love this cute and clever “hand-sewn” valentine. The design uses a photo of an embroidered heart to form both background and foreground, creating a fresh and textured look with a modern-simple pop of red. It’s an adorable way to send a virtual hug to your friends, all wrapped up in a crafty package.

7. Bae Day template (Microsoft Designer)

Shout out your bestie on social media or make their day in person with this fun and vibrant color-block valentine template. It's playful, colorful, and just the right mix of silly and sweet for your closest friend.

8. Cuddle buddies template (Microsoft Designer)

Who can resist this charming and snuggly template? This minimalist design doesn’t need anything more than what it offers: a simple yet compelling message, highlighted by an adorable photo of two very good dogs. Use it to celebrate those cozy friends who are always there for a cuddle or chat—or heck, make your four-legged BFF their own valentine. They deserve it!

9. We found each other template (Microsoft Designer)

Celebrate your chosen family with this vibrant valentine. With its bright, funky aesthetic and lively photo of three young-at-heart friends, the design perfectly captures the essence of friendship and signals your desire to stick with your besties for the long haul.

Valentines for colleagues and acquaintances

From colleagues to teachers, mail carriers, or a favorite neighborhood barista, the people we know casually enrich our lives and communities. Strengthen your connections and show your appreciation for your favorite casual acquaintances with these cute, boundary-friendly Valentine’s Day templates.

10. Main squeeze template (Microsoft Designer)

Brighten someone’s day or light up your workplace with this bold, modern valentine template. Featuring classic Valentine's Day pink and playful candy hearts, the design beautifully captures the holiday's essence. At the same time, the design steers clear of ultra-romantic elements and keeps the message neutral, making it an ideal choice for all the friendly acquaintances in your life.

11. My abstract heart template (Microsoft Designer)

Like the Main squeeze template, this design keeps your holiday greetings warm and friendly, but stylishly neutral. Unlike Main squeeze, this design foregoes classic shades of bubblegum pink and offers instead a warmer, slightly less expected color palette. Collage-like abstract elements complete the design’s bold, yet effortless look.

12. Feline the love template (Microsoft Designer)

It’s always the right time for cat puns. And this one—"You’re the cat’s meow”—has the added benefit of being cheery and complimentary in a romantically neutral way. Factor in the design’s fresh, soft color palette, expert use of contrast, and whimsically adorable illustration, and this template will have you grinning from ear to ear like a cheshire cat.

Valentines for children

If you have children or work with them, viewing Valentine’s Day through your kiddos’ eyes can help you enjoy the holiday even more. Embrace the magic and cultivate lasting memories with these kid-friendly valentines and activities.

13. Valentine’s Day party printables (PowerPoint)

Kickstart a Valentine’s Day celebration at home or in the classroom with these delightful printables. Kids' valentines, banners, and treat toppers on PowerPoint slides make decorating and celebrating effortless and fun. Each joyful design is easily customizable for an engaging Valentine’s Day crafting session.

14. Valentine’s Day coloring book (Microsoft Word)

This printable coloring book template is a wonderful way for kids (and adults!) to relax and celebrate Valentine's Day. With ten unique coloring pages, the book offers a fun and creative activity you can enjoy right alongside the kiddos.

15. Sweet and greet template (Microsoft Designer)

Celebrate your sweeties with a whimsical color block design. Featuring cute graphics and a simple, kid-friendly message, this template is sure to delight the kids and kids-at-heart in your life. Pair your valentine with a small box of candy or sweet treat to brighten their day even more!

16. Children's Valentine's Day cards (Microsoft Word)

Help kids make their own Valentine’s Day cards with this creative, easily customizable template. These valentines are perfect for printing and sharing with the whole classroom, ensuring that nobody gets left out of the fun. The template features three adorable designs that print four per page.

Valentine’s Day wishes for fans and followers

Last, Valentine’s Day gives you a wonderful excuse to connect with your social media friends and followers. Featuring a mix of heartfelt messages and eye-catching graphics, these design templates were tailor-made to invite engagement on your favorite social platforms.

17. Love language template (Microsoft Designer)

Share the universal language of love with a sweet rainbow graphic. This design stands out for its fresh take on traditional shades of Valentine’s Day pink, shifting the color palette to earthier tones and incorporating it into modern organic design. It’s the perfect eye-catching template for social media, spreading a message of love and unity to all of your parasocial pals.

18. Spreading love template (Microsoft Designer)

Like “Love language” above, the “Spreading love” template is a fantastic way to showcase a modern boho aesthetic. This template takes natural and organic elements even further, deepening the color palette to warm shades of brown that help the salmon-pink heart pop. Even better, the design’s lovely and understated background is just ambiguous enough to reflect the outdoor landscape each viewer knows best: rolling mountains, gentle hills, or the sandy slopes of a desert.

19. Feel the love template (Microsoft Designer)

This abstract design eschews traditional pink for warm peachy-orange shades, then introduces a splash of fresh aqua for an instantly eye-catching palette. Share the template’s heartfelt message of gratitude as-is, or replace it with a favorite quote or message of your own. If you’re in the mood for extra customization, the template would also make an excellent frame for a photo.

20. Whole lotta love template (Microsoft Designer)

If you’re aiming for a more modern and elegant aesthetic, look no further than this breathtaking template. The flowers at the center of this design create an effortlessly gorgeous color palette, heightened by a clean white background. Meanwhile, the stylish text in the foreground gently interacts with the background image in a way that’s as lovely as it is trendy. Use it to add effortless sophistication and a touch of nostalgic romance to your digital palette.

Looking for more ways to express your love?

Head over to Microsoft Create and browse all of our Valentine’s Day templates—our list today has barely scratched the surface! From weddings to anniversaries and baby announcements, there’s plenty of love to go around.

May your Valentine’s Day be as joyful and unique as your creations!

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