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5 ways AI can enhance your creative process

october 23, 2023

As a designer, artist, and content creator, working efficiently and effectively is always important. Since incorporating artificial intelligence into my creative process, I’ve been able to create more in less time.

Additional time leaves room for more exploration in variations of your original idea that you may not have otherwise considered.

By adopting AI, creators can offload repetitive tasks to focus on what needs the most attention, creative vision, and unique perspective in their work. In this article, I’ll share five ways in which you can use AI as a creator and how different creative ai tools can enhance your creative process.

1. Idea generation

Whether you create content to teach or use it to display your creations, you can use ChatGPT or Bing’s new chat functionality to generate a list of ideas, captions, and titles so you can focus on creating the visuals and story for your content.

Let's say you're a watercolor painter who would like to plan out your next 5 pieces but you’re in a creative block. You can enter a prompt into ChatGPT or Bing structured like this to help you get started:

"You are a watercolor painter. Create a list of 5 descriptive ideas for paintings. Create titles and captions for social media." Adjust accordingly from here to fit your niche.

A visual showing a ChatGPT prompt asking to create a list of 5 descriptive ideas of paintings from the perspective of a water color painter.

Once generated, you can add more variations or tweak the prompt so it's following a certain theme. Utilizing AI in this way creates a base for you to expand, accept, or reject ideas within minutes.

Pro tip:

Use the following prompt in ChatGPT or Bing to help you come up with ideas: "You are "x". Create a list of 5 descriptive ideas for "x". Create titles and captions for social media. Make sure you fill in the blanks for “x” based on what you need the tool to act as or deliver.

2. Product ideas

If you’re a creator looking to make passive income but you’re not quite sure where to start, you can easily utilize ChatGPT to draft product ideas that relate to your niche.

You’ll want to use a prompt that is telling ChatGPT, “You are [X niche]. List 5 products that you can sell for passive income,” this way your products will be related to your niche.

A visual showing a ChatGPT prompt asking to list 5 products that you can sell for passive income as a videographer.

Now you’ve got a list of ideas to work with and grow from. All that’s really left is deciding which products you’re most interested in selling for your brand.

3. Video editing

Recording videos of yourself talking can be difficult. Whether you’re new to video recording or an expert, no one is perfect when it comes to remembering lines or points to talk about in a video and this can result in having many pauses or breaks in the final recording.

Editing those moments of silence in your video is a tedious task that takes time away from adding special effects, graphics, audio fixes, and color to your video. This is also a repetitive task that can now thankfully be expedited by AI.

With tools like, you can drop your video footage into Veed and allow AI to automatically remove pauses in your video for you! Once it's complete, you have a revised video to work with to add special effects, graphics, improve your audio and color, or upload.

A visual of AI-based video editing tool Veed.

Pro tip:

It is important to feed this tool a few videos at a time and download them after it finishes.

4. Editing photos

We've all had a time when we’ve had a photo taken and noticed something unwanted in the background.

Instead of spending time retouching the image, you can use DALLE-2 to remove an unwanted image with erasing and inpainting.

All you need to do is:

  1. Upload your image into DALL-E to edit

  2. Use the eraser tool to erase the areas you don’t want in the image

  3. Move your generation frame to the area you want to replace

  4. Enter a prompt that clearly defines what you want the area to be replaced by

  5. Select Generate

  6. DALL-E will give you variations to choose from, which you can then accept or reject

An image of DALL-E AI software editing an image

Be specific with what you want DALL-E to replace in the frames. In this example, I used the gray tile floor to replace the people in the image. If you don’t like a variation, regenerate or try a new prompt.

An image of DALL-E AI software editing an image

5. Content creation

As creators, we know content creation is time-consuming. It might be the most time consuming stage of your process. Well, creative AI can help here, too. Especially when it comes to creating designs and ads to help you promote your work or your business.

With Microsoft Designer, you can create professional-quality social media posts you can tailor to fit your brand, you can create invitations, and much more.

Start by describing the design you would like to create. I recommend using a conversational prompt, adding the social post type you want to create for like an Instagram story, and include the details of the photo and colors you want in your design.

A visual showing the creation of an Instagram story post using Microsoft Designer.

Additionally, you can start by generating images since Microsoft Designer has DALL-E2 built in.

A visual showing the creation of a coffee-themed image using Microsoft Designer.

This table view can help you start to plan more efficiently - and no more endless brainstorming on what to create for your next social media post.

A visual showing a DALL-E prompt for creating content.

It’s important to note that all creative AI tools have their imperfections, so always check the quality of the output before accepting it.

AI-powered tools can help you save time, streamline your workflow, and increase efficiency by helping with tasks that can be time-consuming. Let these tools act as your copilot to create high-quality content and visuals that align with your brand identity, without breaking the bank. By leveraging these creative AI tools, you can achieve your goals and focus on the areas you excel at.

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