6 practical ways to use ChatGPT

november 15, 2023

I help businesses integrate AI into their products and services, so let’s break down ChatGPT and how you can use it effectively in your everyday life. This should give you a good sense of how AI is going to change a lot of our daily lives.  

ChatGPT is an AI chat-based assistant created by OpenAI. It’s been trained on tons of information from across the internet. When you ask it a question, it uses its understanding of natural language to generate a response that it believes best matches the input provided. But instead of me trying to explain it, let’s dive in with some examples of how it can help you in everyday life.  

1. Meal planning

Do you have trouble planning meals for the week or are you on a specific diet? ChatGPT can build you a meal plan to help you reach your goals. Let’s say I was going to try out the Keto diet. I’m having ChatGPT make me a meal plan, with my specific preferences. For instance, I don’t like tomato and avocado, so as I type in my prompt asking ChatGPT to provide me with a meal plan, I’ll also ask it to exclude those ingredients from any recommendations it provides. 

2. Resume assistance

Looking for a new job? Get some resume help directly from ChatGPT. You can use ChatGPT to craft specific bullet points for your resume, based on the job description you’re applying to. Just paste the job description into ChatGPT and prompt it for bullet points for the resume.  

3. Cover letter writing

ChatGPT is also an amazing writer.  I can give ChatGPT a piece of writing, like a cover letter for example, and ask it to make it more professional. I can also tell it to make my writing shorter or longer.  

4. Simplify a complex topic

Confused about something you’re trying to learn? ChatGPT is incredible at explaining complex topics. For instance, I can prompt ChatGPT to explain to me what an NFT is, like I’m 5 years old.  

5. Gift ideas

If you’re anything like me, you struggle to come up with good gift ideas. ChatGPT can help me come up with gift ideas for my friend’s birthday, I’ll just need to provide it with some details about what she likes and doesn’t like. The prompt I used was, “Give me gift ideas for my friend. He loves to be outdoors, he loves to rock climb, and he likes museums.” Based on this info, ChatGPT suggested many relevant options, including specific climbing gear like chalk bags, shoes, and a harness, or passes to various national parks and museums.

6. Vacation planning

And finally, ChatGPT is the ultimate travel planner. For instance, I can use ChatGPT to help me plan a Mexico vacation in December for a family with two teenagers.  In just moments, I get a personalized itinerary. You can get as specific as you want. The more details you can provide like destinations, dates, and activities you’re interested in, the better the recommendations will be.

ChatGPT is an incredibly powerful tool. It’s something you can use in your everyday life to help you get more done. The more ways you find to use ChatGPT and the more often you use it, the better you’ll get at it.

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