Design a potluck signup sheet in Excel

april 30, 2024

I love those big festive meal gatherings over the holidays, but if your family is like mine, choosing a dish to bring can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why this year we’re using a potluck sign-up sheet that I made in Microsoft Excel.

This is something you can easily make from scratch, or you can start from a free, easily customizable tracker template from Microsoft Excel.

Use columns to assign roles

I started by listing out all the different food types we need covered: from appetizers to dessert, and the chart I created below is easy to fill in. All family members have to do is add their name and what they’re bringing in the description.

Leave room for the details

I used a three-column design, so one column is for the person’s name, one is for the type of food they’re bringing, and the description is where they can fill in more specifics and call out any potential good allergens.

Speaking of family members, what I love about Excel is you can easily share your document, so your family and friends can update the sign-up sheet. Select File > Share > Invite people and add their email addresses. You can add a short message and send the Food Sign Up Sheet straight to their inbox!

TIP: Make sure the “CAN EDIT” button is clicked so they edit their information in.

That's it!

Pro tip

Planning a festive gathering? Use this holiday budget planner to stay on track.

Make the rolls from scratch, not the list

With your holiday food sign-up sheet ready to roll, all that's left is to find the perfect outfit to indulge in these mouthwatering dishes with your loved ones.

Happy feasting and making unforgettable memories this holiday season!

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