Customize a wedding budget template in Excel

november 14, 2023

Is your big day coming up?! This wedding budget template is an awesome companion for keeping wedding expenses organized. Here’s how I would customize it.

Visualize your wedding budget

I like to see a visualization of the budget breakdown so I can actually see where my money is going. Highlight the “Category” column and the “Budget %” column. Then on the Insert ribbon, select 2-D Pie Chart. Now, we can get a nice breakdown of where our budget is going. It's easier to understand where your money is going when you can see it broken into categories like this.

Add notes to keep track of the details

There are seemingly millions of details to keep track of when you're planning a wedding, but you don't always need to see every detail in one spot. Adding a column for some of the smaller details or comments can help keep track of all the amazing ideas and information you need, without getting (more) overwhelmed. On the “Budget Details” tab, I would simply add a “Notes” column into column G— that way we can save all our vendor contact info, website links or any additional notes we have in one wedding expense template. You can hide this column whenever you don't need it, too. Select the column header, then right-click and select Hide or Unhide based on what you need to reference at any given time.

Congrats on your big day and I hope these tips were helpful! Check out more free, easily customizable wedding templates on Microsoft Create.

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