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How to make your own branded envelopes

november 14, 2023

While you might opt for email, social media, or even texting to get in touch with customers or clients, physical mail still plays an important role in business communication. Create your own custom envelopes to amp up your brand identity and make sure your mail gets opened.

What are branded envelopes?

Branded envelopes include a business's name, tagline, and color palette to help build brand visibility. Businesses can hire graphic designers to create branded envelopes or use templates to make their own. While some businesses may opt for simple, sleek envelopes, more creative companies can choose to show their personality through creative, eye-catching designs.

An envelope branded with the Microsoft logo, name, and address.

Benefits of using branded envelopes

Just like your logo or personal business card, a custom, branded envelope helps make a professional first impression to potential clients or customers. Sending invoices, business letters, invitations, or brochures inside a well-designed envelope helps your brand stand out.

Increase brand visibilityAny opportunity to make a great impression and help people remember your brand should be taken. Custom envelopes represent your business and provide visual elements that make it more likely that people will be able to identify your brand.
Built trustUsing branded envelopes makes it easier for potential customers or clients to verify the legitimacy of your mailed communication. Recipients concerned about fraud or scams can have better peace of mind when you use branded envelopes for all mailed communication.
Improve engagementBusiness mail can easily be lost in a pile of bills, promotional mail, and other paper clutter. It's not easy to get people to open your direct mail and act, but using eye-catching branded envelopes increases your chances.

Tips for designing your own envelopes

When creating your own envelopes, using an envelope template allows you to design and customize your branded envelopes without worrying about choosing the right page size or leaving enough space for the address. Once you've chosen an envelope template that aligns with your brand, keep these design tips in mind.

Work with color

Using color on your envelope makes it more likely that your recipients will open your mail. Traditional white envelopes are still the most common type sent in the mail, making it easier to stand out with a pop of color. If you choose a white base for your envelope, add text or design elements in complementary colors to match your other branded materials or website.

Include important information

Your branded envelope should include your business name and mailing address. You can also include other relevant information, like your business phone number, social media handles, and website address. If you have a professionally designed logo, add it to your envelope as an eye-catching design element.

Find the right font

Generally, you should use the same font across all of your branded materials, including branded envelopes. By using the same font, your branding will appear more recognizable and cohesive to potential clients or customers.

Make use of stickers

If your budget allows, use a sticker with your logo or business name to seal your branded envelopes before sending them out. For a more cost-effective option, try a custom, reusable stamp instead.

Choose the right material

Once you've designed your custom envelope, you'll need to choose a suitable material before ordering or printing them. For eco-conscious brands, choose recycled paper to improve your sustainability. Woven paper is the most common, cost-effective option, but for brands with larger budgets, specialty paper in a unique texture might be worth the cost.

How to print your branded envelopes

Once you've made your own branded envelopes using custom templates, you're ready to start printing. While you can print your designs at home to see how you like them, you'll want to professionally print your final envelopes using high-quality paper. Most office supply stores offer commercial printing services that can handle a large number of envelopes. You can also use online printing services to order your branded envelopes with the click of a button.

Custom envelopes make a strong first impression for any mail you need to send, from business letters to personalized invitations. Create custom branded envelopes to stand out from boring envelopes and cluttered advertisements.

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