Create daily assignments using PowerPoint

march 13, 2024

In today's educational environment, digital and organizational tools are more important than ever. But sometimes, using familiar favorites in new ways can be just as effective as finding new tools. That's why I'm excited to share a cool new approach to using PowerPoint for structuring daily assignments. Let's take a look!

Start with a blank canvas

Start by opening up a new PowerPoint presentation. Then navigate to the top panel, select Insert, and choose Shapes to start crafting your template.

To tie this schedule to the classroom visually, I've decided to mimic the familiar lines of writing paper. First, I'll select a simple blue line shape and duplicate it using Ctrl+D. Then I'll add a vertical red line, creating that classic ruled-paper look.

Customize and color

Next, we'll customize the line colors to suit our theme. Choose the colors you want to feature and adjust the lines to match. Save your color choices so you can use them later for fonts and other details, creating a cohesive look.

Add text boxes for assignment details

Next, let's insert a text box. Text boxes are useful for parents and educators alike, helping them track assignments or provide additional instructions. Pick a playful, readable font and adjust the size for visibility (between 80-100).

Once again, save your preferred colors for consistency. The eyedropper tool comes in handy for exact color matching, too.

Add shapes and structure

I love strategically using shapes to add structure and visual interest to the assignment board. Each shape serves a specific purpose, contributing to the overall structural organization of the daily agenda. From an accessibility standpoint, it's better to use shapes than color to delineate different sections because your color-blind students won't be able to use color to guide them.

Once you've added the shapes you want and adjusted their colors and borders to your liking, grouping the shapes is a breeze. Just select, right-click, and group. This action groups the shapes together for easy duplication and modification.

The final touches

Last, add specialized sections for dates, reminders, and homework.

After that, you're done! Once the base slide is ready, it can be duplicated and modified for continuous use throughout the year, catering to various needs and occasions.

You now have a versatile calendar that provides students with a clear understanding of their daily schedule from the moment they step into the classroom.

I hope you've enjoyed learning about this new creative use for PowerPoint. Whether you're a teacher, a parent, or just someone looking to streamline your daily tasks, you can tailor this practical solution for any context. Happy teaching!

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