Wedding budget design templates

Keep track of of the costs associated with your upcoming nuptials with an easy-to-use, eye-catching wedding budgeting template.

Purple wedding budget template surrounded by 3D design elements

Track your wedding expenses with a wedding budget template

If you’re getting married, your wedding can quickly become one of the most expensive days of your life: buying the right wedding dress, choosing your wedding bands, renting the venue, and paying the florist and caterer can quickly add up. To keep your expenses in check, use a wedding budget template. Having a visual to see where your money is going can help you plan your wedding. Each template is easy to use, making wedding planning less stressful, and these wedding budget templates can be edited in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Upload your template to OneDrive to share your wedding expense tracker with your partner or anyone else who is helping you plan the wedding. You can also use an Excel template to track which guests are attending. Wedding budget templates are especially helpful for wedding planners to run their business smoothly. Don’t forget to design wedding invitations and announcements to share the news with your loved ones. Explore more wedding-related design templates today.