Questionnaire design templates

Create your own surveys and studies with questionnaire templates. Customize each questionnaire design template to get answers to your questions.

Competitive analysis study created from a Microsoft Forms questionnaire template

Learn more and get feedback with questionnaire design templates

Browse dozens of free questionnaire templates. Get feedback and insights from customers, coworkers, peers, students, and more with the right questionnaire template. Getting the feedback that you need is fast and easy. Each questionnaire design template is fully customizable in Microsoft Forms so you can alter it to fit your needs. Questionnaires are useful for a variety of reasons—you can use them for simple reasons, like for RSVPs, or for more complex reasons, like analysis studies. You can even use questionnaires to improve your business or figure what dishes your guests are bringing to your potluck. There are many different questionnaire templates to choose from—you can choose multiple choice questionnaires, attendance surveys, satisfaction surveys, open-ended surveys, and more to get the feedback you need. To get more honest feedback, make your questionnaires anonymous so that people can share their thoughts freely. Print your survey or share them online for people to answer.