Poll design templates

Creating a poll is fun and easy. Browse free poll design templates to get the feedback and data that you need. Each poll template is fully customizable.

Customer expectations survey created from a Microsoft Forms template

Learn more and get feedback with poll design templates

Quickly gather the information you need from your students, coworkers, peers, and more with a poll design template. Polls can be used for a variety of reasons. If you’re a teacher, use polls to engage with your students or create quizzes online. Businesses can easily use polls to get data from their customers to improve their business. For example, you can use a poll to determine which products your customers like the most. Polls are also useful for organizing events, parties, and more­—for example, you can use a poll to find a date that works best for your friend group to meet up. Each poll design template is free and fully customizable, so you can easily alter each template to suit your needs. These poll templates can be printed, or you can share them online to quickly gather responses. When you create your poll, make sure you're asking clear, concise questions so it's easier for people to accurately answer your poll and give you useful data.