Lunar New Year templates

Celebrate the new year with these festive Lunar New Year templates. Each Lunar New Year template is fully customizable.

A Lunar New Year template surrounded by decorative 3D design elements

Customize and download Lunar New Year templates

Celebrate the new year with a Lunar New Year template. Lunar New Year celebrates the first new moon of the lunar calendar, so the date of this celebration changes every year. The color red is worn and used for Lunar New Year decorations as it represents prosperity and good luck. For this reason, many Lunar New Year templates incorporate the color red. You can also find many Lunar New Year templates with lanterns. Lanterns are used as decoration during Lunar New Year as they are believed to drive out darkness and bring good luck. If you’re hosting a Lunar New Year celebration, create invitations to welcome your friends and family to the event. If you’d like, you can even create custom menus for your Lunar New Year party to delight your guests. You can also use these templates to create Lunar New Year cards. Print them out and mail them to your loved ones, or you can send them via text or email. Find the perfect Lunar New Year template today.