Take flight with bird-themed templates

Design isn't just for the birds. Let your imagination soar with these templates that highlight the colorful world of our feathered friends. Bird-inspired backgrounds and graphics will add a classic yet inspired look to whatever you create. With these customizable designs, you'll be able to "stick a bird on it" and have it look great.

A social media graphic that says "BIRD DAY" with a bird on it, surrounded by 3D elements

Give them something to squawk about with bird-themed templates

Robins and budgies and parrots, oh my! You’ll find a whole aviary of templates within Microsoft Designer for your designing pleasure. Perfect for an artistic touch to your design, you can customize these templates with your personalized details and as many birds as you desire. Let some little birdies tell the neighborhood about your new business, or have an entire flock appear on your business cards. Put those birds where they belong when you browse floral and garden templates. If you have a bird as a pet, feature their best angles and looks on social media. From the delicacy of a hummingbird to the peacefulness of a dove, to the strength and power of an eagle, you’ll find the templates and designs that deliver the message you and your birds want to send.