Reward excellence with these award templates

Good deeds and remarkable feats won't go unnoticed when you have these templates on hand. No matter the size of their achievement, reward standouts and champions with a timeless and tangible token of your appreciation. Customize these designs for the awards you want to give and the recognition they richly deserve.

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Commemorate hard work with customizable award templates

Become a champion for the champion with the help of Microsoft Designer. The more awards you give, the better you'll feel, and these templates make it easy to show your appreciation and encourage the outstanding. Sports teams, students, colleagues—your award can be just as personalized and special as the recipient themselves since Designer offers the ability to customize any template. Present contest winners with a prize certificate, print up a giant poster with pictures of the First Place team, highlight your employees of the month on social media, and even let your five-year-old know they're the bee's knees. These designs will certainly convey that whoever is lucky enough to receive them is heads and shoulders above the rest, deserving of all the superlatives, and is by far the best in show—and all because you took the time to recognize what they did.