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Supercharge your office with 20 essential templates for Admin Professionals' Day

april 25, 2024

Admin Professionals’ Day is coming up on April 24, and it’s the perfect time to acknowledge the backbone of every well-run office. From calendars and meeting agendas to break room coffee pots, our administrative heroes manage every task with amazing care and attention to detail.

But even heroes need the right tools to keep the office humming. So, we’ve rounded up 25 design templates from Microsoft Create to help supercharge your administrative tasks. These tools and templates for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are designed to make your daily grind a little lighter and a lot more fun. Let's take a look!

Time tracking templates

When you just need a simple and effective time tracking system, these templates offer minimal fuss and maximum accuracy. To see even more time tracking templates, explore Microsoft Create’s payroll templates and business timesheets.

1. Biweekly time sheet

Customize in: Excel

Keep it consistent with this straightforward biweekly time sheet. Ideal for regular staff tracking, this template makes payroll days breeze by without a hitch.

2. Timesheet (worksheet)

Customize in: Excel

Dive deeper into daily productivity with this detailed worksheet. Whether it's project tracking or just daily duties, this tool helps you capture every billable minute.

3. Biweekly time sheet with sick leave and vacation (with sample data)

Customize in: Excel

Plan and record leave times without disrupting the workflow. This comprehensive sheet includes sections for sick leave and vacation, complete with sample data to guide you on how to fill it out effectively.

4. Employee timesheet (weekly, monthly, yearly)

Customize in: Excel

This versatile template adapts to your scheduling needs. Track time across different intervals—weekly, monthly, or yearly—with this adaptable format.

Meeting minutes and agendas

Help facilitate smooth, information-rich meetings that make the most of everyone's time. Whether it’s planning ahead with a detailed agenda or keeping comprehensive minutes, you’re set to elevate every gathering using the templates below.

5. Team meeting agenda (informal)

Customize in: Word

This informal agenda template sets a relaxed yet purposeful tone for meetings, perfect for fostering open communication and creativity.

6. Blue curve meeting agenda

Customize in: Word

Featuring an extra splash of blue for a sleek, professional look, this versatile agenda template was designed for maximum clarity, efficiency, and style.

7. Educational meeting agenda

Customize in: Word

Plan your educational sessions with an agenda that’s structured to enhance learning and participation. This template is ideal for workshops, seminars, or training sessions, ensuring every minute is packed with purpose.

8. Classic meeting agenda

Customize in: Word

Perfect for formal settings, this classic agenda template helps you cover all the essentials.

9. Team meeting minutes

Customize in: Word

Capture the key points, decisions, and action items from your team meetings with this clean and attractive template.

Memo templates

In the world of office communications, memos are the unsung heroes. Whether you’re making announcements, giving updates, or issuing directives, these memo templates are as dynamic as your messages need to be.

10. Prism memo

Customize in: Word

Brighten up your internal communications with the Prism Memo. Its colorful borders and clean layout bring a modern twist to traditional memos, perfect for catching eyes and holding attention.

11. Business memo (bold design)

Customize in: Word

This bold, assertive design stands out in a stack of documents, making your message clear and memorable.

Forms and survey templates

Every successful organization relies on feedback and streamlined communication to stay ahead. Use these forms and survey templates to gather the data you need, whether it’s for event planning, checking in on team wellness, or managing leave requests efficiently.

12. Team event planning survey

Customize in: Forms

Kickstart your event planning with feedback from your team. This survey helps you collect team preferences and ideas so you can plan a crowd-pleasing event.

13. Attendee confirmation survey

Customize in: Forms

This confirmation survey is perfect for finalizing attendance, helping you plan logistics with accurate numbers in mind.

14. Remote well-being pulse survey

Customize in: Forms

Keep a finger on the pulse of your remote team’s health and happiness. This timely survey checks in on well-being, offering insights that can guide your support strategies and boost morale.

15. Vacation and sick leave form

Customize in: Forms

Manage leave requests without the hassle. This form simplifies the process, ensuring all details are clear and compliance is straightforward.

Event management templates

Every memorable event starts with meticulous planning and ends with reflective feedback. The event templates below cover you from the initial brainstorm to the final survey, ensuring each phase of your event is a breeze.

16. Event planner and timeline

Customize in: Excel

From timelines to task assignments, this comprehensive event planning template will help you keep every detail organized.

17. Five-day event calendar

Customize in: Excel

This five-day calendar is perfect for conferences or workshops, helping you plot out sessions and activities to maximize engagement and flow.

18. Event registration

Customize in: Forms

Simplify the sign-up process with our sleek event registration template. It’s designed to collect attendee information efficiently, making planning and participation a snap.

19. Business trip checklist

Customize in: Word

The next time you book a trip for someone in your office, include this business trip planning checklist with their itinerary so they won't forget a thing. It's the little touches that can make a big difference!

20. Post-event feedback survey

Customize in: Forms

This feedback tool gathers insights from event participants, helping you refine future events for even greater success.

Explore more templates on Microsoft Create

We hope these templates help make every aspect of your administrative work more joyful and efficient.

If you find yourself in need of even more organizational templates, visit Microsoft Create and take a look around! From productivity templates to morale-boosting awards and certificates, we have everything you need to manage your office like the pro you are. Thanks for everything you do!

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