How to create a content plan for Instagram

november 15, 2023

Knowing how often you can consistently post on Instagram—and what type of content you need—will get you closer to your goals. Your weekly Instagram content posting plan should include two types of content: expiring content and grid content.

Expiring content (like Instagram Stories)

Instagram stories are best for connecting with your audience daily. They have their own corner on Instagram that’s great for interacting with your community in a deeper way, via direct messages (DMs) or engagement stickers like polls and question stickers. Stories are one of the highest converting pieces of content because you have access to the link sticker, where you can directly link to products or web pages.

This is also where new followers binge watch content to get to know your brand.

Grid content (anything posted to the Feed: Posts, Video, Reels)

Grid content includes any Reels, lives that are posted as Instagram video replays, or your feed post content like photos or carousel graphics. Reels are great for increasing reach and engagement, and feed posts are great for adding value to your grid. Lives are a great way to interact with your community in the moment, but they’re also a two-for-one piece of content. You can go live and post the video as a replay on your grid. When people are deciding if they want to follow you or they’re in the discovery phase of finding a piece of your content and going to your profile, they need to be nurtured to go from a warm lead to an actual conversion.

Having an Instagram content plan that includes a variety of types of content, with specific goals in mind, will help you get more conversions out of your content.

Create beautiful Instagram content

Now that you’ve created a content plan, it’s time to start creating beautiful Instagram posts and reels. Start with an eye-catching design from Microsoft Create and then customize it to be the perfect fit for your customers.

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