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45 free design templates to turn all your New Year’s resolutions into results in 2024

january 5, 2024

2024 is here - a new year, ripe with opportunity. Many of us made resolutions heading into 2024, but let’s be honest: How often do your well-intentioned promises become distant memories by March?

You’re not alone (trust us!). New habits can be tough to start and even tougher to stick with. That’s why we’ve assembled a whole toolkit of templates for Word, Designer, PowerPoint, and Excel to help you achieve your goals and maintain momentum this year.

We used Statista’s list of the most popular resolutions in the United States for 2024 to guide our search, rounding up useful templates in the following categories:

· Financial well-being

· Diet and/or exercise

· Career goals

· Hobbies

· Volunteering and/or making a difference

· Mental health and self-care

If you already have a resolution in mind, you can use the navigational links at the top of this post to jump to the category of your choice. But we encourage you to stay for a while and explore the entire line-up of templates—you never know which one will inspire you to create a new goal!

💰Resolution #1: Save money

If inflation has you feeling the pinch, you’re not alone. Save more money was 2024’s most popular New Year’s resolution, beating perennial favorites like diet and exercise by a significant margin. Whether you're saving up for a big purchase, trying to cut back on expenses, or just getting a handle on your finances, these versatile money-saving templates will help you understand where your money is going and how long it will take to meet your financial goals.

Map your vision

💰Financial vision template (Excel): Set and achieve your long-term financial goals with this handy and attractive planning tool.

Create budgets of every sort

💰Basic monthly budget (Excel):This basic budget is as simple as it gets—but simple is all you need to start tracking your finances. If you’re easily overwhelmed by all things fiscal, this is the budget for you.

💰Family budget (Excel):Keep your family's finances on track with a household budget designed for multiple users and expenses.

💰Household expense budget (Excel):This budget is another excellent contender in the “household budget” category. Compare with the Family budget above to see if you click with one particular style over the other.

💰Food budget (Excel): Figure out which items or categories are adding bulk to your grocery bill with this ultra useful template.

💰Gift budget and tracker (Excel): Keep your gift-giving generous but budget-conscious with this handy tracker.

Track your financial progress

💰Loan amortization schedule (Excel):Understand and manage your loans better with a clear amortization schedule.

💰Retirement planner (Excel):Plan for your future and chart your progress with this straightforward retirement planning template.

💰Allowance tracker (Excel):Financial literacy starts early! Get the whole family involved with this cute and kid-friendly allowance tracker.

🍎Resolution #2: Improve your diet and exercise habits

Diet and fitness are time-honored New Year’s resolutions that remain popular as ever in 2024. If this is the year you start or fine-tune your diet and/or fitness routine, we have the templates to guide and inspire you. The templates below will help you set your goals, track and analyze your progress, and stay motivated for the long haul.

Make a plan

🍎Fitness vision (Excel):This handy planning template includes categories for fitness, nutrition, mind, and energy (sleep). It’s a great reminder that taking care of your health doesn’t just mean focusing on diet and exercise!

🍎Fitness plan (Excel):This pared-down template focuses exclusively on diet and exercise. If you prefer staying tightly focused on your fitness goals, this is the template for you.

🍎Weekly meal planner (Excel):Plan your meals for the week ahead so you don’t succumb to those “It’s Thursday night and I don’t know what to make/let’s just grab fast food” whims that we all know so well. Get the job done quickly with this no-fuss weekly meal planner.

🍎Simple meal planner (Excel): Another great meal planning option, this planner adds a mouthwatering burst of motivation by letting you seamlessly add photos of your upcoming meals.

Track your progress

🍎Fitness journal (Word):Track your workouts and monitor your progress with this fun and engaging journal.

🍎Weight loss tracker (Excel):This simple and intuitive tracker will give you an extra boost of motivation with charts that visualize your weight loss progress.

🍎Activity tracker (Excel):This activity tracker automatically calculates the calories burned for each activity based on your weight and the duration of your exercise. It’s a super helpful tool if you’re staying on top of your caloric intake vs calories burned.

🍎Calorie amortization schedule (Excel):Ready for a more intensive look at calories in vs calories burned? This tracker lets you log your meals, calculate your daily caloric intake, and chart your caloric deficit against your weight loss goals.

Gamify good habits

🍎Daily checklist challenge (Excel):This fun checklist challenge lets up to four people add their personal goals in a simple and intuitive checklist format. Check as many items off your list as you can, then compare your daily and long-term progress to the other "players" on the spreadsheet. It’s a casual but powerful way to celebrate accomplishments and stay motivated!

💻Resolution #3: Take charge of your career

If 2024 is the year you land the job, launch a new freelance venture, or put effort into building your professional brand, our career-focused templates are here to help. From refining your resume to organizing your business trips, these versatile templates will help you take your career to new heights in 2024 and beyond.

Land the job

💻Resume wrangler (Excel): Stay on top of job applications and know when to follow up with this handy dandy application tracker. If you’re feeling extra strategic, add a column to note which resume and/or cover letter you used to apply for each position—this can help you spot patterns if a particular version gets a better response.

💻Explore all LinkedIn design templates (Microsoft Designer):Take your LinkedIn posts and profile to the next level with a whole smorgasbord of LinkedIn templates. We couldn’t pick just one, so enjoy exploring the whole category!

💻Explore all resume templates (Word, Powerpoint): Another worthy entry in our “can’t pick just one” category? Resume templates. Find the style that best fits your needs and professional aesthetic, then give your resume some love.

💻Explore all cover letter templates (Word):Help your cover letter stand out with these fancy cover letter design templates. Find the one that matches your professional style and get ready to make a great first impression.

Manage the job

💻Business trip checklist (Word): If your job requires frequent travel, make it easier to pack up and ship out with this comprehensive checklist.

💻OKR tracker (Loop): Get Q1 off to the right start with this helpful, cross-functional goal-setting and OKR tracking template. With Loop’s easy real-time collaboration features, you’ll be able to get the whole team involved.

🖼️Resolution #4: Take up a new hobby

Ready to explore new interests and hobbies in 2024? Whether you're planning your next big adventure, adding books to your reading list, or unleashing your artistic side, this selection of hobby-centric templates will help you explore your new (or rediscovered!) passion or interest.

Have an adventure

🖼️ Trip planner (Excel): Track flights, arrivals, with this simple yet ultra useful travel planner.

🖼️ Personal trip planner (PowerPoint):If you’re traveling with friends, family, or another group, this helpful trip planner doubles as a fun visual storytelling tool—perfect for getting folks excited about the upcoming trip!

🖼️ Camping checklist (Word): Whether you’re a camping minimalist or a glamping maximalist, this comprehensive camping checklist will help you embrace the outdoors without forgetting a thing.

Get creative

🖼️ Idea planner (Excel): If you have more ideas than you know what to do with, it can help to keep a central document for logging your creative ideas as they come up. This Excel planner doesn’t just help you log your ideas—it helps you turn them into goals. You can then break each goal up into small tasks with dates, status updates, and other key info.

🖼️ Vintage botanicals coloring book (Word):Relax and unwind with this vintage-style botanical coloring book. If garden florals aren’t your style, there are plenty of other coloring book templates to choose from.

🖼️ By the Sea paint by numbers (PowerPoint): Explore your artistic side with this fun twist on an old favorite (and discover a new use for PowerPoint you’ve probably never considered before).

Become a bookworm

🖼️ Creative bookmarks (Word): Add a personal touch to your reading with these customizable and creative bookmarks.

🖼️ Book collection list (Excel): Keeping track of what you’ve read can be a great way to remember and cherish your reading adventures. Celebrate every reading journey with this organized and easy-to-use list.

⚖️Resolution #5: Make a difference

Passionate about making a positive impact in your community or the world at large? The templates below will help streamline your planning, organize events and fundraisers, and raise awareness—helping you focus more on the cause and less on the logistics.

Throw a fundraiser

⚖️Budget for fundraiser event (Excel):Track donations, donors, expenses, and more with this elegant budget built for fundraising.

⚖️Price list for a fundraising sale (Word):If your fundraiser includes a silent auction or sale to raise money, it doesn’t get much cleaner and simpler than this item-by-item price list. Print a few out to put on the wall or table, and you’re ready to go.

⚖️Fundraising feedback survey (Forms):Don’t miss out on the chance to ask questions and gather valuable feedback so you can throw an even better fundraiser in the future! This Forms template will help you turn all your questions into a user-friendly survey for your guests to fill out—all they need is the survey link.

Organize volunteers

⚖️Volunteer sign-up sheet (Word):This simple and efficient sign-up sheet lets you gather all the info you need to organize volunteers and get them started.

⚖️Volunteer shift schedule (Word): If you have volunteers working at multiple stations and time slots throughout the day, this is the template for you.

Make your voice heard

⚖️Explore all awareness-building templates (mostly Microsoft Designer):Interested in raising awareness about an issue, promoting a cause, or celebrating an identity? Preach! We have a diverse range of templates for virtually every social platform. From celebrating women-owned businesses to championing Indigenous rights, these templates will help you show solidarity, remind others to care, and make the world a more beautiful place.

💖Resolution #6: Prioritize self-care

It’s always the right time to prioritize self-care and mental health. The templates below promote a range of daily wellness activities, from journaling and mood tracking to meditative coloring and positive affirmations. Because as the great Ru Paul would say, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”

Establish a wellness routine

💖Daily wellness routine (Word):Schedule your wellness activities at the same time(s) each day to promote long-term habits. This soothing and intuitive daily wellness planner makes it easy to create a schedule you’ll want to stick to.

💖Wellness checklist (Word): Prefer to tackle your goals in checklist form? This wellness checklist might be more your style. Use it on its own or in tandem with the daily wellness schedule above.

💖Healthy habit tracker (PowerPoint): This interactive habit tracker combines a checklist format with a calendar. Mark your tasks off as you complete them each day and watch your progress unfold over the long term.

💖Bedtime routine checklist (Microsoft Designer):Print this minimalist bedtime checklist and tape it to your bathroom mirror, bedside table, or any place where you’ll be able to see it every night. It’s a powerful reminder to take some time for yourself as you start your evening routine.

Relax and unwind

💖Mental health journal (Word): Part mood tracker and part mental health journal, this versatile journal template offers a balance between structure and open-ended freedom to explore all your moods and daily habits.

💖Mandala coloring book (Word): Express your creativity and embrace the art of meditative coloring with this soothing mandala coloring book.

Get inspired

💖Morning reminder (Microsoft Designer):Start your day off right with a cute, simple graphic that centers the most important parts of your morning routine. (And take that water suggestion seriously! Drinking a glass of cold, fresh water in the morning can really help you feel more energetic).

💖Inspirational wall posters (PowerPoint):If you’re a visual person, print out and hang these inspirational posters to stay motivated and uplifted throughout the day. And if these posters aren’t your style, explore all of our affirmation templates for a huge range of designs you can set as your desktop background, share on social media, or turn into printed artwork.

And there you have it: All the templates you need to achieve your New Year’s resolutions in 2024.

Remember, making a resolution is just the first step (albeit a major one!). The real magic happens in the consistent, daily actions you’ll take to reach your goals. Let these templates guide you in making small changes, celebrating milestones, and turning all your resolutions into results this year.

Here’s to a year full of joy, success, and mindful growth!

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