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3 ways your email marketing can boost your social media marketing—and vice versa

october 31, 2023

It can be difficult to manage different digital marketing streams at the same time. You may try to only focus on one tactic at a time, but both methods can help boost each other. Implementing email marketing and social media marketing together can strengthen how you grow your brand.

The differences between email marketing vs. social media marketing

Email marketing and social media marketing often have similar goals; you may want both to achieve high click-through rates (CTRs), for example.

But there are differences between these methods that preclude apples-to-apples goals. When you use email marketing, another goal might be a high email open rate. Unlike emails, social media marketing doesn’t require your followers to open anything.

Even though your brand may use email marketing and social media marketing in different ways, using both tactics together can boost how successful they are separately.

How email marketing can boost your social media marking effectiveness

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When you send emails to your brand’s subscriber list, the emails can help you do things like highlight your social media pages, promote your social media advertisements, and interact with your target audience on social media. There are also other ways your brand’s social media presence can benefit from its email marketing.

Increase your social media followers

If you’re looking to grow your follower list, it can be helpful to highlight your brand’s social media pages in every email you send. You can do this by including clickable social media platform icons in the footer of every email. You can also add a section to your emails that encourages subscribers to interact with you on your brand’s social media profiles. In every email, make sure your subscribers know how they can get other content from your brand and how they can interact with you outside of emails.

Improve the visibility of your social media ads

If you want to target people who have a higher likelihood to engage with you on social media, focus on your email subscribers. Some social media platforms will allow your small business to import your mailing list. The platform will match the email addresses to those of users with social media profiles. Some platforms will also recommend people with similar profiles as your subscribers. Not only can you follow and interact with these people, but you can also adjust your brand’s social media ads so that these users see the advertisements more.

Promote social media contests

Another way to attract people to your social media pages is by hosting contests through social media. Give one lucky customer a free or discounted good or service from your business. You can use your business’s emails to promote the contest. To promote your brand’s social media pages, make it a rule that the user must follow you on a social media platform to claim their prize successfully. You can also award additional contest entries for users who follow you on more than one social media platform. Social media contests can be a great way to engage with your community and provides an opportunity for user-generated content you could potentially use later.

How to use social media to increase your brand’s email subscriptions

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Just like you can use emails to boost your business’s social media marketing, you can also use your social media pages to grow your brand’s email subscription list. Sharing previews of emailed content and giving exclusive groups additional incentives can encourage your target audience to subscribe to your emails.

Gain more email subscribers

The first thing you should add to your social media pages is a way for followers to subscribe to your email list. Include a link in your profile’s bio that users can click on when they want to receive your emails. Pin a post to your social media pages that includes a link or CTA button for followers to subscribe. Make a weekly post that highlights the incentives as to why people should subscribe to your email list.

Share previews of emailed content on social media

You may need to show your followers how they’ll benefit from receiving your emails. Give them a sneak peek of the type of content you send via email that they can’t receive through social media. Provide them a preview of what the emails look like without revealing too much of the content. Make posts that describe the email’s incentives.

Post exclusive content in social media groups

Make your social media followers feel like they’re getting something special by subscribing to your email list. Some social media platforms allow you to create and moderate a private group. You can promote this incentive in the emails you send and what you post publicly on social media. After users subscribe to your email list, you can match their email addresses with their social media profiles and add them to your private group. Use the group to share exclusive content and deals with these special consumers.

No matter how you decide to approach marketing, do make sure you’re using more than one marketing method. A lot of the times, different marketing methods all tie together. Email marketing can be used to improve engagement with your social media pages, and your social media profiles can be used to encourage email list sign ups. Using these marketing tactics together can boost your brand’s overall visibility. If you’re worried about how you’ll find the time to manage two different marketing methods, use a scheduling tool that allows you to create and automatically publish emails and social media posts on specific days and times so that you can focus on other tasks.

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