Make Pride with these templates

Pride never stops. These colorful customizable templates celebrate LGBTQAI+ and the beauty of inclusion during June or all year round. Across the spectrum from ally to out and proud, join LGBTQIA+ communities at Microsoft in the calls for making more Pride.

Pride photo

Be your colorful self with these customizable Pride templates

These templates will help you parade your identity or allyship proudly and with style. Not just for June, you can customize these templates and designs for any gay occasion, including same-sex weddings, LGBTQIA+ diversity trainings and fundraisers and celebrations. Deliver a presentation on LGBTQIA+ history, make a poster for your town's Pridefest, or create a guide to the many acronyms that describe this colorful community. Glam up your social media and put these templates to work expressing your support for LGBTQIA+ issues or develop a survey of sexual orientation and gender identity among your customers or workplace so you can get feedback on how to create a welcoming, affirming environment for everyone. There are so many ways to make these templates reflect you and those you love, and you can use these rainbows and more as a flag to signal visibility and celebrate acceptance to those who need it most—especially if that includes you.