Facebook story design templates

Stand out from the crowd and stop your audience in their tracks with these Facebook story design templates. All of these design templates for stories are fully customizable, so you can make them unique to you and really connect with your Facebook friends.

facebook story photo

Elevate your Facebook page using story templates

Creating a Facebook story can be difficult if you make it too long or not long enough. You want to find the sweet spot of keeping followers engaged versus losing their attention. Use a template for a Facebook story to create interesting content that has the user wanting to learn more. These fully customizable templates can give your brand variety and keep your followers on their toes. Incorporate brand photos, videos, and text. Change the size and font of the text so that it's big enough to see but not big enough to draw attention away from the media—unless that's what you want, of course. Adjust the background colors so that they align with your branding and the reason for the Facebook story. Use Designer to add other elements to your Facebook story that can make your design unique. You can publish Facebook stories that help elevate your personal and professional brands.