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Create Facebook content your followers will love. Start with a free professionally designed template then quickly edit it with Microsoft Designer or Clipchamp.

Facebook cover photo

Design your own beautiful, custom Facebook cover for your business, personal, or event page in just a few minutes with Microsoft Designer.

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Facebook cover photo surrounded by 3D illustrated design elements

Facebook post

Add some pop to your Facebook post designs. Start with a free template, then customize it however you want with Microsoft Designer.

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Facebook post surrounded by 3D illustrated design elements

Facebook story

Capture more views with Facebook video stories. It's easy to add effects, animations, sounds, and more with Clipchamp so your stories stand out.

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Interior design Facebook story surrounded by 3D illustrated design elements

Facebook ads

Create stunning and effective Facebook ads in no time with Clipchamp. Add your own messaging to pro stock videos and audio, or swap in your own clips.

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The simple, quick way to design great Facebook content

Create unique Facebook cover photos, stories, posts, and more that grab people's attention and look professional in just a few minutes, even if you're not a graphic designer. Here's how:

Collage of several Facebook templates
1. Find the perfect template
Search for anything—type of post, image, color, size—or take a look around by browsing the catalog. Select the template that fits you best, whether it's a Facebook cover photo, story, post, or ad.
Grand reopening Facebook template with text editing controls
2. Customize your creation
Use Microsoft Designer or Clipchamp (depending on the template you choose) to make your design unique. Swap out fonts, colors, design elements, animations, effects, and more to sync up with your style or brand.
Completed grand opening Facebook cover photo
3. Share it with the world
When you're done, share right to Facebook. Even save your design at different sizes for your other social media channels so everything aligns with your message and branding.

Let's create a Facebook design

שאלות נפוצות

The first thing you should do when looking for a Facebook template is to decide how you're going to post. A standard Facebook template is flexible and can be posted anywhere on the platform. However, you may want a different size, photo location, or color scheme. If you're not sure where to begin, search the catalog for different Facebook templates that may resonate with you. Use the template as a starting point, then swap out fonts, photos, colors, and other design elements so that you incorporate your own style.

There are templates for Facebook covers, stories, ads, and more that you can customize. There are Facebook templates that have bold color schemes to pop off the screen. There's also more subtle Facebook templates that put emphasis on the details that's typed into them. You can also use interactive Facebook templates, such as quiz templates, story templates, and contest templates, to connect more with your Facebook friends and followers.

Whether you're using Facebook for a small business, your hobby, or your personal life, frequent posting requires fresh design ideas. Using customizable Facebook design templates for posts, stories, and even Facebook ads can help you create, iterate, and post faster and more efficiently by giving you a stylish head start.