Celebrate baby with announcement templates

Bring your youngest family member into the world with baby-celebrating templates. From pregnancy announcements and baby shower invites to birth and adoption announcements, share your bundle of joy news.

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Welcome your baby to the world using these fun templates

Introduce your baby to the world using a celebratory template. Design an announcement card to share your good news with family and friends. You can customize the templates using photos of your precious little human. Create a template for when you're expecting or for when you bring your baby home. But these templates aren't only used for when your baby first makes their mark in your life. You can use baby templates to celebrate each year of their lives too, or you can wish them a happy birthday using one of the birthday templates. Use Excel templates to keep record of their health appointments. Customize templates using Word or Designer to invite your loved ones to baby showers, birthday parties, and all the other special moments for your baby's life. Include your favorite photos, videos, and fun baby colors to make each template your own. Use these templates to put your baby in the spotlight all over your social media profiles and in emails you send to your family and friends.