Stunning designs in a flash with Microsoft Designer

Simply type in your ideas and Designer provides suggestions and creates one-of-a-kind designs for you—in seconds—with graphics, text, and imagery to match your needs. Or get inspired with thousands of on-trend, customizable templates to create whatever you need.

Generate any image you can imagine using AI

Type in a description, like "A hound dog in a space suit riding a bike" — Designer will generate an original and customizable image for you in seconds.

Try it in Designer
Adding text and images to get AI-generated bakery designs in Microsoft Designer

Free image background remover

Type in a description, like "A hound dog in a space suit riding a bike" — Designer will generate an original and customizable image for you in seconds.

Remove image backgrounds with Microsoft Designer
Photo of a black and white dog with the background removed from the right side of the photo

Create something inspiring with Microsoft Designer

Make whatever you want—eye-catching social posts, invitations, graphics, and more—all powered by AI.

Adding kitten-related text to kitten templates in Microsoft Designer
1. Turn a quick idea into a finished design
Type a quick description, phrase, or simple idea. Watch as your content is transformed and choose your favorite design, or start with a professionally designed template that you can quickly customize.
Transitions, music, and video editing tools in Clipchamp applied to a landscape sunset video
2. Create one-of-a-kind images using AI
Add a description of what image you'd like to create, and we'll generate it for you in seconds using powerful DALL-E image creation technology.
Export options in Clipchamp for a landscape sunset video
3. Get the inspiration you're looking for
Designer helps you dial things in. Get automatic layout suggestions as you're designing, and even get caption and hashtag ideas to make social media sharing effortless.

Let's create something new


Designer is an AI-powered graphic design app that helps you create stunning social media posts, invitations, digital postcards, graphics, and more, all in a flash. Start with your own images or ideas and Microsoft Designer will generate unique-to-you designs and offer personalized recommendations.
Our cutting-edge AI technology supercharges your ideas and makes it easy to express your creativity, no design skills required. Simply start with your idea or headline and Designer will suggest a template you can use. If you need an image, type in a quick description of the image you want to see, and Microsoft Designer will generate a unique image for you using the latest AI technology. As you work, Designer's AI-powered capabilities give you suggestions to help you create consistent, aligned, properly scaled, and beautiful designs. Once your design is ready to go, you can share with the world however you'd like, including posting to social media from inside the Designer app, downloading for use anywhere later, or using a QR code to send to your phone.
The preview of the Microsoft Designer app and Designer templates are available for free. Microsoft will collect user feedback and make improvements during this period. Once the app is ready for general availability, it will be available both as a free app and with more premium features available to Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers. Some templates may also require a subscription.

Begin your creative journey with customizable templates from Microsoft Designer

With just a few clicks, Microsoft Designer can inspire and rearrange your thoughts and ideas into a beautiful, elegant professional image. Find just the right template for your personal or business project, and customize it with your personal messages, event details or brand colors. Crafted with timeless style and visuals to appeal to anyone from your social media friends or your brand's fans, these templates make designing your materials an easy and rewarding endeavor. From events and occasions, to presentations, marketing assets and organizational and scheduling solutions, to social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Designer's collection of unique and easy-to-use templates can elevate your content and attract the attention you and your work deserve. And with Learn & grow, you can discover new approaches to creativity for your hobbies and your business that complement the visuals Designer helped you conceive. Take a look at these templates, and get started on growing your dreams.