İçecek tasarımları

Müşterilerinizi, partideki davetlilerinizi ve daha fazlasını baştan çıkaracak, özelleştirilebilir içecek şablonlarını keşfedin.

3B nesnelerle çevrili donmuş bir mojitonun bulunduğu bir reklam şeridi

İçecek şablonları ile içeceklerin akmasını sağlayın

Whether you own a bar, café, restaurant, or are simply hosting a party, use these beverage templates to catch the eyes of your customers or guests. Explore templates for coffee specials, happy hours, tea deals, and more. Each beverage template is fully customizable, so you can change the text, font, images, colors, and more. Share your beverage templates on social media to connect with your audience or to promote your business or event. Let customers know about an upcoming wine tasting or coffee deal. You can also use these templates to celebrate drink-related holidays like Iced Tea Day or International Coffee Day. If you’re hosting a party, use a beverage menu template to let your guests know which drinks are available. You can easily edit these beverage templates in Designer, PowerPoint, or Word. There are a variety of beverage template styles available—browse modern templates, whimsical templates, and more. Don’t forget to check out more food and drink-related templates.